05 June 2009

I would Love to have seen this... Rose Cumming

"Rose Cumming was well known for using candlelight to illuminate her shop. A customer stopped in and insisted on seeing a particular fabric in the sunlight. Rose consented but proceeded to roll the entire bolt of fabric across Madison Avenue so that the customer could get a clear view . She then refused to make the sale, offended by the customer's audacity." from the Dessin Fournir- Rose Cumming files

the Scene

(Rose Cumming-Dessin Fournir archive)

I can see Rose Cumming- lavender hair - casting a bolt of one of her famous chintzes like DELPHINIUM across Madison Avenue with tender care - her potential buyer in wanton shock as she is flattered and frightened-both at once.

(I envision DELPHINIUM- one of her own and still made in the 46" wide fashion of yesterday,when last I checked. )

Wouldn't it be perfect on a little bench? I wonder if it will fade? Would it be too much? I think I may only need a yard or so? But will there be a seam? etc. etc.

Absolutely Not! Never on JUST a bench. These glazed cotton chintz masters were made to fill a room with, just as one might fill the room with fresh bouquets.

this could have been the one

The only way to use Rose Cumming chintzes is in mass- Here in the apartment of Ronald Grimaldi, SUSSEX, from House and Garden/ and the house of beauty and culture blog (click) to read the post.

Delphinium accompanied by LACE in blue, and CABBAGE ROSE

LACE is a Not to be Beat old fashioned print that I used in a guest room- curtains at the down cushioned window seat, a pair of little french beds with LACE spreads and old lace pillows.

a ROSE by any other name is not This Rose

from Dessin Fournir

Could a room resplendent in DELPHINIUM cotton glazed chintz be in your future?

Are you brave enough in today's world of sanitized sleeping quarters, Kelly Werstler kitsch cribs, ethereal white fluff fantasy suites-to break out of the mold and go CHINTZ?

It almost seems radical.


  1. You are in my brain. I keep going back to that Steve Allen roundtable when he invited people across time to sit down for a conversation. Can you imagine Madeleine Castaing and Rose Cummings in a conversation? Given their penchant to upholster themselves in their fabrics, my mind is going into overdrive into how they would dress for the occasion. Without genius (eccentric?) life would be so much less.

  2. Home, too true. I am always imagining the same- Us with the fertile minds. It needs doing. Should I attempt? It is fascinating to get down to brass tacks with these doyennes- Thank you for your continued interest.G

  3. Dearest, You know how much I love one fabric in a room- as per my own Toile. BT

  4. Yes, you should. You know you should. It would be a fascinating read.

  5. home- I am going to work on one immediately- thanks for continuing to stop in. g

  6. HI there, do you know who supplies rose cummings new linen fabrics? I got hold of some Rose Sabu and I would love to know where I could buy more?

    1. Deirdra the company of Dessin Fournir distributes it now. thanks pgt



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