24 August 2011

high low loos...


“I've had my best times when trailing a Mainbocher evening gown across a sawdust floor. 
I've always loved high style in low company.”  Anita Loos

Mainbocher 1936, photograph by Man Ray

that little loos lady

LOOS high

LOOS low

Loos & Beaton- Palm Beach,1930.

Mainbocher dress 1936, photograph by Horst.

I don't think Mainbocher ever did low-Loos likely looked elsewhere for her low fix.
most Designers do low now-& sometimes you'd never know it was low- take Maison Martin Margiela,
I love this collection of separates. a little high-a little low

Martin Margiela is Belgian born-worked for Jean Paul Gaultier & launched his own label in 1988.  Margiela has never appeared on the runway or in photographs -& recently turned over the reins to an in-house design team. Former  director of communications for Margiela- Patrick Scallon, said “It was not just for the sake of being provocative. A designer is not an artist in a gallery, not a sculptor with a chisel and stone in a garden. He is someone who has to work with a collaborative team. The downside is that it engendered these rumors that he doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.”

Martin Margiela,2008. photograph by Craig McDean

“It is a brilliant way of rethinking clothes with a very simple strategy,” said Harold Koda,  curator of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. “There is a weird tension that he throws into the clothes that is poetic, but it can also be unnerving in that it pushes you a little further. It’s not just pretty or simple clothing. It’s something that challenges you, even subliminally.”

Along with these high- low looks-the house of Martin Magiela is creating pieces for the home with a collection by L'ATELIER d'exercises. The pieces are high low too & past- present- future.
I haven't seen things like it- they are timeless, modern, and functional all rolled into unique.

 This you can find on my desk --- or at net a porter,  a half spectacle magnifying glass for my half baked thoughts and dreams.

other things to make daily life more- "high"- 

ostrich plume pen- 
stainless steel ice bucket-

a stunning collar


surrealist doors-
Typically Haussmannian door sticker, at left- Atypically French door sticker.

more Margiela?

La Maison Champs-Elysées, really two buildings, the older- dating from the Second Empire under Napoleon III has had a revamp from Maison Martin Margiela. After winning the competition to design the historical part of the building , the house re-thought the space to create hotel suites, a restaurant, a smoking room, a bar and a reception area.

and at nowness here
the artist and his model here
STORES here 
their eboutique here 



  1. High style in low company! There's a way to live your life, if ever there was one. Perfect.

  2. Blue, I quite agree! I love highs-lows and prefer the balancing- or perhaps imbalance of them. pgt

  3. I love that Mainbocher quote and used it in a post I once did on the master. So much inspiration here.

  4. An amazing quote, a great way to live ones life!
    That Martin Margiela Collection is wonderful and I would wear it all!


    Art by Karena

  5. David- I love it too-as Karena says- a great way to live life. I am right there with you Karena. I love the capelet sweater.



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