26 August 2011

to sleep, to dream

but to dream in light filled blue?

or  are you Blue Sky Thinking & open to new ideas?

The Virgin Mary is often wearing blue in paintings-blue dreaming may reference mother and child ergo-devotion and loyalty.
dreaming in blue may represent calm-tranquility or wisdom and intuition.
dark blue dreaming? these dreams can be much like dreaming in light blue-however it can also mean sadness-blues in the night?
am I blue?

rooms-1st image from the World of Interiors magazine, 2nd room-LANVIN
paintings- paintings by Victor Borisov-Musatov-Lady in Blue, 1902 A Lady in a Blue Dress(and bonnet) 1905. inspired from postings by Barbara at it's about time.



  1. LOVE the Jeanne Lanvin photos.....that lavender-blue color at the Met is beyond! what a genius she was!
    If only we could develop the "film in Yeat's mind"!!! ( I have a photographic memory..also..I wish I could develop that also!)
    Thank you for this beautiful post!!!

  2. dearest little augury - we love today's blue-ness - tranquil and soothing and the color/colours of the sky and the ocean - beautiful - thank you for sharing.

    in the spirit of responding - here's one of ours on blue - with a story at the end of someone we used to know in los angeles and the first time he ever met noel coward......(yes!) we thought you'd enjoy it - it's here:


    have a beautiful day.

    _team gloria x

  3. Lovely post. I truly enjoyed how you put it together.

    Ahh- blue....



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