18 August 2011

You can't TEXT this:LadyDIANA 2 DUFFC


I... leapt into a taxi in Victoria Street and crossed Westminster Bridge. It looked so wonderful in the pale dead crepuscule light, and that half- finished building that we love brought my desire for you back till I stretched my arms out to it. It looked tonight so like our generation-great straight aspiring pillars cut off at the same time before they bore the weight they were built for- too lovely an edifice to be half-built, but so beautiful in its abrupt cessation. There are tow high finished columns. They looked like you and me. This is written against time.

from The Rainbow Comes Diana Cooper Autobiography, Lady Diana Manners to Duff Cooper prior to their marriage after the first World War.
painting by André Derain 'Houses of Parliament with Westminster Bridge' at Cleveland Museum of Art


  1. The painting is so beautiful...as are Diana's words, they convey so much more than love, her thoughts on her generation are very touching and sad...was she thinking of youth and war?
    xo J~

  2. I find this beautiful.....and very, very sad.
    What a beautiful woman.....really....one of the great beauties of her day!

    Their life as a couple was tragic (only to me!) cheating, cheating, cheating.

    A few times; one really thought the other might leave.....It seems like a tortuous and stressful and tragic life.........again....(.just to me! )

    She was an exquisitely beautiful woman...and had the talent to surround herself with beauty her entire life! She had the most gorgeous blue eyes!

    She; just like Nancy Lancaster, entertained in her bedroom for the last few years....and gorgeous bedrooms they were!

    I hope I am a few years away from that! A goal to remember, though!

    ps I don't mean being beautiful.......I mean entertaining in my bedroom at the end! All I know is I will need lots of dogs......and I hope, my divine husband!

  3. "They looked like you and me." Really love this and your selection of the Derain and the photograph. Curtis

  4. one of my favorite women-I am reading again her memoirs and just got the DC Scrapbook-from her voluminous book of photographs-would love to pour through that! This is poignant-yes in light of the fact that she survived and thrived so after many losses! I will share more of her in future.



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