05 November 2012

Celibrus REX


I look forward to the new book In Search of Rex Whistler:His Life and His Work by Hugh and Maribel Cecil-mentioned today in the World of Interiors arrival by post-some things still excite by mail.

The charmed tangle of Whistler's Life and Work are the stuff of movies, more aptly-a series-the BBC preferably- darling.

I've written often of Rex Whistler and his cast of characters: Cecil Beaton, Edith Olivier- their menage and his relationship and work with the Paget family and their estate Plas Newydd. His life rambles through a production of the titled who's who and the entitled between the years of the two Great Wars.


Plas Newydd, Daye House,Ashcombe

above & below paintings by Rex Whistler

 the Fitzroy Studio

 Howard Coster, photographer, Rex Whistler Estate

West House (the Cooper home)

painting by Rex Whistler, photograph of the Artist and John Julius Norwich

there are more-but these are the places where Rex's real Life mattered most- but his work took him to Mottisfont Abbey, Port Lympne and the Tate Gallery-for the Places see beautiful scholarly blog-The Devoted Classicist here


Rex Whistler- Matthew Goode

Stephen Tennant- Tom Payne

Siegfried Sassoon- Laurence Fox

Caroline Paget -Jessica Brown Findlay

Tallulah Bankhead- Olivia Grant

Cecil Beaton- Tom Hiddleston

 Edith Olivier- Olivia Williams

Diana Manners Cooper- Zoe Boyle 

The author's parents David Cecil and Rachel Walker could make a cameo in the series-they were orbiting in the same sphere-and were friends of Whistler-more so friends of friends. I've written about his book David Cecil Library Looking Glass, A Personal Anthology and it is a continuing reference. I've even tracked down a copy for my nephew Jeremy. It's that important.
All of the Sitwells would be there.
Wouldn't it be lovely?

I cast Lady Ottoline Morrell sometime back on my Ottoline Divine blog- take a look here.



  1. Love love this subject, and good idea to cast it!

  2. Excellent casting choices! I eagerly await the new book as well. And I really appreciate the link to my blog.

  3. Great casting -you missed your true calling! haha

  4. Your casting is AMAZING - Hollywood will be calling soon! xx, EEE

    1. I will answer, oh yes, just like the darling little Anita Loos-and wouldn't that be fun.

  5. Ms Gaye, you may well have a second career as a casting director!
    That was brilliant.
    May we assume that the little lad in the last photo is John Julius Norwich?

  6. Hello Mr. Worthington. that would be wonderful-while it will not happen I cam envision it here. Yes that is the now Viscount Norwich- which I forgot to go back to and id, as always in gratitude- pgt

  7. Gaye, I've been on the farm too long I suppose. I didn't know any of the people you cast. I must be watching the wrong series/movies.

    1. Donna, not at all-I do watch loads of pbs and bbc, so I had some quick picks-but it is research, research research-all the young Brits are amazing actors. pgt

  8. Love RW, and I must get this book. Loved the illustration of Plas Newydd and the photograph of West House - a dream -and the cast! So well done..each one ideally suited to their respective characters, Matthew Goode being especially 'purrrrfect'.
    Love it all.

    1. Philip- I must agree on MG-he just seems purfection indeed. I was particularly pleased with Edith Olivier. The Caroline Paget actress was Downton's youngest Lady Sybil. pgt



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