18 August 2014


A Room that Is  EVER INSPIRING ME is The Library at MOUTON- It’s Just  PURE Heaven.

Blue Heaven.

I Think- or at least it's my idea of What an Ideal Room Should look Like,
Elegant, a bit Idiosyncratic, sophisticated, comfortable, with expansive places to read- and with Books...

Lots of Books.

Now there's no more wondering where to read in the Ideal Room, thanks to TRUEX American Furniture. Dedicated to carrying on the ideals of  Van Day Truex: It is our mission to bring back the best of this era to contemporary interiors. Our name is in honor of Truex, but we take inspiration not solely from Van Day, but from those he inspired as his era continues to inspire us. 

From Mouton, Truex has created the PAULINE CHAISE, c. 1960. Designed by the chatelaine herself, Pauline de Rothschild, Truex offers options to the elegantly turned silver leaf  leg, but I wouldn't have it any other way, nor would I change the heavenly blue velvet of the original. The only thing this chaise lacks is length. Measuring in at 66.5 inches, Pauline's sofa was at least twice that no doubt. One hopes that in the truest sense of Truex, they would make it quite as long, and of course accept commissions to create the entire suite of Mouton's library seating.
As they say less isn't more, more is more.


see all of the TRUEX COLLECTION here


  1. Perfect by a wide and high arched plate glass window, overlooking the oceans crashing waves down below thru the Monterey Cypress Trees gnarled branches below. Perfect in my dream dressing room yet too be built, floating in the middle on a round Aubusson from the Directoire period embroidered heavenly with a wreath of roses, lilacs, cornflowers & ranunculus surrounding a circle of stars. Sitting on little silver cloud of blue heaven! Love ANY size...I'll take ONE please.

  2. This room and the furniture in it is one of my great favorites. Thank you!

  3. Blue Velvet on a grand scale



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