17 June 2015

overheard over hair over travel

Evangeline Bruce: If really driven to entertaining or going out on the night upon arrival, I would start by heating hair rollers before unpacking. I know you always go out upon arrival. What about your hair?
Pauline de Rothschild: Alexandre makes me about three sketches that I take with me. I look at them and decide which one I have time for... Anyway, there are as many ways of doing one's hair as there are of making love, so one of them should fit the occasion.



  1. wonderful......love my electric rollers

  2. Oh the days when one was always beautifully coiffed!! Mine is often back in a ponytail these days!
    The Arts by Karena

  3. Naturally curly haired, hot rollers are really a girls best friend! I find the best way to soften the curl to a wave is with those blessed little friends...they travel well, don't take up space and work major wonders all around the world. I see Pauline is timeless, the hair even suitable for Vogue 2015 - Evangeline's do is a don't today...dated and helmet like, not too mention askew from weight...there is a certain someone in NYC who wears the same which truly does make her appear a bit like Mrs. T. Charlton Henry. Pauline looks chic and effortless, as if she just bounded out of her chinois papered bedroom...ready to arrange flowers or lunch with Balenciaga!

  4. I've never been able to make the hot rollers work without leaving little crimpy places in my hair. xo, N.



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