20 October 2016

Woburn Abbey—the Marchioness of Tavistock—Henrietta Tiarks

Sentiment. Tradition. Romance. I love all three.

the Marchioness at Woburn Abbey

After her son, Andrew Howland, had a horrible accident in the States, the Marchioness of Tavistock left the family seat of Woburn Abbey to be with him during a three-month recovery.

She recalled her return to Woburn in the book The Art of Giving by Stuart E. Jacobson, saying: "We rode up the driveway and I looked up to the top of the house. I noticed that the banner was different: it was halved, with Robin's coat of arms on one side and mine on the other. Robin told me that this was to thank me for all that I had done. I was totally overwhelmed."

The banner would always be flown over the Abbey.

the slippers below the banner were made for the Marquess by his Marchioness–
"Every stitch says 'I love you'"

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