14 March 2017

one of sixteen—fashionably formidable

The month of March is whipping by—the winds are high here and Wednesday promises of more to come. Fast approaching is the first day my book How They Decorated will be "out." I hope to reintroduce these sixteen wonderful women to my readers, along with a new generation of young aesthetes from all walks. Anyone reading or delving into rooms to solidify their own design tastes will truly appreciate the book. At least 1 of the 16 will be intriguing to them,  and to you...

Steering away from too much of a sneak peak, one of the women (along with many of them) was absolutely the most glamorous women in the world for decades. Helene Rochas's tastes develop over those decades adjusting tweaking, and always staying on-trend, not trendy—and always staying ahead of everyone else. Her husband's design label ROCHAS provided her with any frock from the day she married and afterward even though the label retired after Marcel Rochas's death in 1955 to concentrate on scent alone. The label was revived in 2001 to great success, reintroducing a new generation to Rochas themes.

ROCHAS 1934 above, & worn by Helene Rochas in 1954.

 ROCHAS 2015, reinterpreting Rochas 1934


  1. She was a very elegant woman, but it's a bit of a Bjork moment with the dead birds mounted on dresses. Looking forward to your book launch.

  2. Beautiful and can hardly wait for your book...amazing too even have a dream like this come true, such hard work, diligent research and of course, your prose...all a Miracle de Luxe! Please visit us here...



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