28 April 2009

channeling Audrey again

Carla Bruni- Sarkozy channeling Audrey Hepburn's classic Givenchy Look in Spain, done beautifully.

the up swept chignon the sash, sans tiara

Hepburn-more royal than the Royals except perhaps Bruni and Grace Kelly, Her Serene Highness Princess of Monaco.

Hepburn in Roman Holiday

Princess Grace

Hollywood Royalty


  1. Mme Sarkozy is enjoying a moment in her life when she truly deserves exemption from comparison with anyone, which at any time is odious as regards either her position or her gender. If one were a Frenchman, she would edify one's criteria from either perspective -- admitting that the latter, while incurable and harmless enough, is not for discussion.

  2. Carter- just a bit of fluff and frippery here. She is all you say, & Have you heard any of her music? pgt

  3. Hi, Trish. Further to the Sargent painting of the Wyndam sisters, you might like to check out the Cecil Beaton photo of the Wyndam-Quin sisters, one of whom later became the Marchioness of Salisbury, and another Lady Egremont, the wife of the 1st Baron Egremont of Petworth. These two sisters are still living, though I believe the elder one has passed away-the two younger "came out" in '38. I beieve Beaton posed them to resemble the Sargent photo. They were all great society beauties of their time.



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