29 May 2009

Dragon Empress


the Original

in the late 1800's The Dragon Empress CIXI ruled China with a ruthlessness that would make any Dragon breathe harder. CIXI ruled for 48 years-Her modi operandi: CIXI held court from a red throne shaped like a dragon- hidden behind a silk screen. Her dictums concluded with “Hear and obey." ( I think my GranMa used to say that- In fact , she had a wonderful special Chinese frock I was allowed to wear when spending the night!)


Hollywood's Dragon Empress

Competing Dragons

photograph of Marlene Dietrich and Anna Mae Wong in Shanghai Express

John Galiano's Dragon Empress

Alexander McQueen's kinder gentler Dragon

from style.com


by Clarence House

this Dragon is currently under wraps in a Guest Room -

love the scallop hem detail

another Dragon in the Library

Drew Barrymore's Dragon

photographs from Domino Magazine

Clarence House's Dragon Empress happens to be my favorite fabric. I have used it in my own home three times. This has to be a record. A wicked combination of Turquoise, Orange and Mustard exists- and I used that colorway on a little slipper chair in my White Oak House. That was my first Dragon Empress.

The club chair in the Pink, Green and Orange was in my bedroom there and now lives quietly after an intervention of slipper covers from old crochet work. It must be in SHOCK- but I know underneath all that old white lies the Dragon.

Lastly- I returned to the Dragon when trying to finish off a chair for the Library- the Empress said "Hear and Obey-" the perfect fabric - muted tones of toast, blue, turquoise and cat tongue pink.


  1. I love this fabric, esp in your library. LOL at Hollywood rendition.

  2. Jazzy, Welcome! I know I am a broken record- but I love this. A consideration for you as well. la

  3. Snap! This is one of my favourite fabrics, too.

  4. A brilliantly curated post la. I'm hung up on Cixi and old China too.

  5. Rose C.
    Again thank you. I shutter to think about those nail shields? more research needs doing in that department. G

  6. Dear one-You must know how much I love this one too. Your best post to date. BA

  7. I have a chair covered in the blue colorway. If you don't mind me asking, what fabrics have you paired with your blue dragon? I want an eclectic blend.

  8. Kelli, what a slow reply to you about the Empress. The Empress was the last fabric I added here. It filled the void ,tying up everything.one of the fabrics is an antique silk lampas in blue, another fabric is a gray embroidered floral with grays, lilacs in it. The sofa is in a camel mohair. I think adding another antique brown or golden and blue floral would be wonderful. Another fabric would be a blue paisley. The complexity of DE makes working with it relatively easy. The room colours as fabrics developed over a 20 year period (when the sofa was originally done) Hope to have helped a bit.Gaye

  9. Thank you for the inspiration. I'll send photos when I'm done with the room. :)



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