28 July 2009

kaftan love

Jean Etienne Liotard

Signora Antonella Agnelli, Vogue 1966
with her 2 year old son Gianni wearing a century old caftan from Casablanca

the inimitable ROSE Cumming

another Liotard

Comtesse Michel de Ganay
in Egyptian cotton stripe caftan

gorgeous Marina Rust in quaftan

I grow tired of summer, the heat, the humidity- but I never grow tired of my summer At Home uniform. Winter too for that matter.

Caftan-Origin 1585–95; Russian Kaftan, Turkish - Persian Qaftan

go to The Costume Institute to see their collection (here)
A 1970 Lanvin from the Costume Institute

in a Liotard painting

Alexandra Czarina in a traditional Russian kaftan

Model Lily Donaldson in bohemian caftan

YSL fantasy kaftan

Allegra Hicks designed this form fitting caftan

the designer Allegra Hicks

Aerin Lauder in Michael Kors

Principessa Nancy Ruspoli Vogue 1966
in a man's Moroccan caftan

Mrs Richard de la Mare
in a Liberty Caftan
vogue 1966

Mrs. Lesley Blanch
Vogue 1966

Mrs David Naylor-Leyland
Vogue 1966

"Mrs. Ahmet Ertegun" as Vogue put it in 1966
wearing a gold Moroccan caftan as an evening coat

& today, more beautiful as Mica

interior designer & fashion designer
(photograph by Carter Berg)

obviously a favorite with Marina Rust- this one by designed by Muriel Brandolini

an Ossie Clark
(I'd love to have this one)

and Andre Leon Talley
Willis Smalls and ALT in Diane Von Furstenberg caftan and Roger Vivier neclace, attend Maya Angelou’s July 5th brunch. photograph by Chase Beck

This photograph of ALT is just dynamite. I am crazy about this man. Read the story here. He has deep North Carolina connections and his 2003 book ALT: A Memoir is a book everyone interested in fashion, family, and destiny should read- That means everyone. Get it. Read it.

Wear a Caftan!

the Vogue 1966 photographs Cecil Beaton, Henry Clarke, Horst, Rastelli


  1. omgosh! this was an incredible trip!


  2. Love the caftans. There does, however, seem to be an over abundance of 60s here! Remember it well! The Liotard painting has been an inspiration for years. Love the pattern interplay.

  3. Paul, thanks, I love(obviously) caftans-the Vogue pictures are wonderful-Yes! I just thought the ALT photo was dynamite. Gaye

  4. Home- I loved the 60's fashion wise (!) I think it was the Vogue mag that came in every month to my mom. She wore Villager dresses and looked great- I perused the exotic Vogue looks-the 60's photographs still look current in fact and I think it is that they are wearing caftans, hair for the most part looking pretty good too. I have a couple I should show off- but I refuse to model. Gaye

  5. Now I'm feeling blue that I don't have a caftan. Must get myself to Marrakech.


    Such an original post! Chicissima!

    The kaftans are great (caftan, kaftan...it's all good)...but it's the Liotard paintings that stopped me in my tracks.

    Liotard's scholarly devotion to the historical costumes, interiors, decoration, and even the wooden 'high' shoes that Turkish women wore in Hammams...is so uplifting.

    Thanks for insight into the history, the origins, and now the chics and chicettes of today.
    Cheers, www.thestylesaloniste.com

  7. How fun. So much chicer than my usual writing uniform of yoga pants - I have a beautiful embroidered Moroccan djellaba, but clearly I need to add some cotton caftans for day... and doesn't ALT's pose seem to be channeling that famous Talitha Getty photo?

  8. Divine, divine, divine. I guess it was the 80s when a kaftan was a laughable concept and I pretended I'd never worn one. thank you for rehabilitating them, referencing their history and celebrating their golden age, the 60s/early 70s.

    The (1749) Liotard is of Mary Gunning, Countess of Coventry. I can't find anything about her or her orientalist tendencies. Anybody know?

  9. jezebel- Now I know you can get something fab anywhere in NYC! get the to a caftan mistress g.

  10. DDS, the Liotard paintings are superb- I keep collecting them in a file for use- I could have done then more justice, maybe next time. I love the Costume institute Lanvin one-lifted right from the painting.G

  11. EEE-yes, I does appear ALT is channeling TG. I do think ALT is the best! I did get to gawk at him at a luncheon and book signing- He has done some lovely charitable things in NC, especially Durham. I love the sixty images from Vogue. G.

  12. Rose- get your Divine caftan on! Find out more about the Countess, Lady. G.

  13. Love the Caftan story. Beautiful fabrics, designs and shapes. And always love your posts.

  14. I love your blog.

  15. The Moroccan caftan or kaftan is one of the most beautiful dresses in morocco.It is what women wear in special occasions such as a wedding or baptism. It is as old as the country itself. But it has known some creative transformations over the years which made it the dream dress that every Moroccan girl must have.
    The Moroccan caftan (alqaftane) is an ancient costume dating back to the Greco Roman era.

  16. outstanding post!
    i love caftans.
    when at home and trying to get cozy
    i whip out a fresh caftan and i am pretty darn happy.


  17. fantastic!!!!! one note though - the model is not lily donaldson, but lily cole.

  18. ALT is an idol of mine......(and many others) I think it is subconscious....he has a "photographic memory" (you are born with it)..and he just does it!

    He is so beyond brilliant.....as was this post!
    I am so so lucky; a very old lady (it happens to all of us) gave me a fabulous caftan she bought in Morocco in the thirties....I am wearing it starting tomorrow! I will post a blog on that and the story behind it!

    I guess I am a "storyteller"! What fun!

  19. Penelope, You are InDeed a storyteller! ALT is a NC fellow, grew up just in the next city from moi! Such a talent. pgt

  20. thank you for those informations love the old kaftans



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