26 August 2009


Groundwork's wood drop tassel fringe in DOVE
may peace be with you and your drapes

Jacques Grange
a new book from Grange out this fall

a greyhound
chase away the blues

Alexander McQueen's silk chiffon scarf at net-a- porter
houndstooth & horror- a graymare

Marion Cotillard
French Grey

"gypset" chic gray

1900 grey

the ultimate film about conformity
don't do this gray

Persephone books
Grey matter

more gray matter

Classic Francois Catroux room
SoChic Grey
via this site

David Hick's Gray Flannel from Lee Jofa
designer gray

grayed, smoked and fired

Chinois Grisaille

Renzo Piano's new Modern Wing-Art Institute ofChicago
zone grise

gra b c's

the real Gray deal

Cole & Son's Haddon Hall Flocked paper
gray wall

Tom Ford's new fragrance Grey Vetiver
not just a suit gray


Daniel Craig
Bond Grey
"A Steady Rain" on Broadway-Craig's gray debut***
& just named to the International Best Dressed List

Michael S. Smith's fabric "Gavle" at decorati
pretend you live a White House, decorate with gray

the new Dorian Gray movie opening in September
see the trailer here
Gray reflection

Fan Tree wallpaper in grey by Cole & Son
gray day

inspired by a friend, Berdorf's & Trouvais
**thanks Caftan Chronicles


  1. Little-

    Your best ever.
    I am bookmarking as we speak.
    Totally brilliant in every way...
    Have to examine and re-examine.

    thank you for such stellar work on this.

  2. Drool. Drool. Drool. What a delicious compilation. And oh dear wherever did you gather that yummy photo of Mr. Craig? Can't wait to see him on Broadway this September. May I kindly offer: the NYT's alias "the Grey Lady" and that lovely HBO documentary "Grey Gardens."

  3. How about Patrica Gray? little a. haha! yours,Anon.

  4. DDS, wow.this is fun for me- best with pictures and quips,leaving the hard hitting design interviews to the Master or is it Mistress?

  5. Caftan, thanks much, I have added the debut of DC-and credited Caftan.G

  6. Hi LA. We are so channeling each other...almost did another gray post today but had a road trip planned with my 17 year old boy and had to keep it short. AND have a great Cecil Beaton photo dying to use...have you seen the Vogue Living Houses, Garden,People spread on his house? (Ummm...lots of Madonna and colored sheep but that's another story). If I use it I will definitely link to your content because you've got him all wrapped up. What SHALL we think of next?

  7. Hi Trouvais- I love your grisaille pieces- mine take on a decidedly mod bent and tried to just do things that were coming up this fall- Gray is a color that seems to be of the moment. Can't wait to cecil- I am into puns at the moment! I would appreciate the link- and loved doing the same with yours.You know your images are perfect to my eye. I have you on my blog love roll.

  8. These are some good looking wallpapers. Great map. Good blog.

  9. Thank you kindly for the citation and your continued input. You are too kind. As for the TMK tribute: I've been unsuccessfully on the hunt for an audio clip of actor John Hanna's reading of the poem. Poems are meant to be herd, acted. There are video clips but seemed oddly distasteful to add a film clip to the post. It is a very personal piece and one that paints a haunting portrait of loss.

  10. la: My favorite post! So many inspiring pics....eye candy. Thank you for the tribute. And though grey is of the moment it is also, as we know, timeless. Until next time love!

  11. I saw the title and thought maybe you were going to a post on how the sunlight reflected beautifully off my gray hair t the Nasher cafe! But, it was much, much better than that!

  12. One of my favorite's is Grey Flannel By Geoffrey Beene. Ludwig's sunscreen above! Love love love your posts!

  13. Phew...where to start!?! Love the mirrors on the ceiling...and the Michael Smith room (a grey area that is really not such a grey area).

  14. Madam Greige, is it you? long live Gray, with a soupcon of color.

    Janet- That restaurant is quite the thing- I fell in love with that photograph.

  15. smiffer- You do know that grey is quite in now.Display with pride- I try to keep mine covered-alas it gets harder and harder- Now my hair matches my head. Ha.
    Working on a Nasher post for next week- a lot to absorb-I do plan to go back again, and again. G

  16. I love, love the post on "gray" and think that it may be my new favorite color. Images were jaw dropping and mix was thought provoking. Bravo! CHB

  17. Hi, I love this collection of gray, and love the Roman and Williams Buildings & Interiors and the Cole & Son's flocked paper :)

  18. great research... you did yourself proud. hope all is well,

  19. Ah, beautiful soothing, elegant gray.

    gray has a new fan in Carla Bruni, first lady of France - I think it must be one of her favorite colors too - she carries it off beautifully!

  20. I love this post. The Coulee painting is especially wonderful.

  21. From a new reader - love the toiles and the Michael Smith



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