24 February 2010

the Happy Prince, a Wilde child


"Who hath dared to wound thee?" cried the Giant; 
 "tell me, that I may take my big sword and slay him."
"Nay!" answered the child;  
 "but these are the wounds of Love."
"Who art thou?" said the Giant,
 and a strange awe fell on him, 
and he knelt before the little child.
And the child smiled on the Giant, and said to him, 
 "You let Me play once in your garden, 
to-day you shall come with Me to My garden, 
which is Paradise."

Oscar Wilde from the Happy Prince

photograph of Oscar Wilde
if you haven't already Read Wilde Library from little Augury here
read the HAPPY PRINCE by Oscar Wilde here
the literary works of Oscar Wilde here
Read Wilde Library from little Augury here


  1. The XIX th century photo is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing OScar Wilde's words

  2. Coincidence: this was my daughter's bedtime story last night - a parable really, simple and sweet. Your Wilde Library post was wonderfully entertaining and hit on kind of things I always ask myself about a character like Wilde -whom I admire in so many ways. I know I will come back to it.

  3. I remember the first time I read that with my kids when they were little I cried. That was when Oscar Wilde had me for life. Glad to find another fan!

  4. I love it that you are getting into the literature world..I had forgotten about that story of the Prince and certainly forgot that that too was Oscar Wilde. What a talent he had.. what a tragic life he had .Dorothy

  5. I have been Wilde with excitement all week with these postings.

  6. What an amazing photograph. I have never seen it before, so thank you for sharing. The words too.



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