21 February 2010

in an English Garden: Duro Olowu


 Duro Olowu

 an admitted admirer of fashion-past and present, I love to check out fashion this time of year. New York Fashion week just ended and London shows are getting in the swing. I must say, the London designers-in the great traditions of- Mary Quant, Ossie Clark, rioutouslyVivian Westwood and Alexander McQueen-always produceriotously creative collections.Theirs, as a nation of designers-collectively- is unique.
What's that all about?

fall 2010 Duro Olowu

All work of fashion designer DURO OLOWU is captivating, it is an artist inhabiting his craft at its highest. His new Fall 2010 Collection is inspired by the famous Arts and Crafts garden of HIDCOTE.

OLOWU says:
"I was walking around the gardens of Hidcote Manor, listening to dub on my iPod." Duro Olowu (here)

Baltimorean turned Brit- Lawrence Johnston, wealthy, artistic, garden lover, began developing HIDCOTE around 1905. The gardens are Inspiration for many- Now add Duro Olowu to the inspired.

The MIX-a colour palette in the British garden spirit-with a hot modern day presence of the Surrealist, and the eccentric style of the English gardener's wardrobe. Taking a look at the late Valerie Finnis (littleaugury post here)-it is easy to see joie de vivre style of her gardening wardrobe that must have inspired Duro Olowu's Hidcote-dub mix.

  Valerie Finnis in gardening mode
photograph by Jan Baldwin,World of Interiors


Duro Olowu 

 Parsley Muir photographed by Valerie Finnis

Duro Olowu

Lady Birley photographed by Valerie Finis

in the gardening way,photograph by Valerie Finis


more on Valerie Finnis here

more on Hidcote here
order the book Garden People by Valerie Finnis here



  1. Just marvelous. To me, the best place to experience creativity in fashion has always been on the streets of London. It's really quite inspiring.

  2. So inspired by this post. I studied and worked in Fashion for years and I love seeing new fresh talent emerge. I love London, gardens, music and a mix of color and pattern!

  3. Fantastic - I teach garden design and am always encouraging my students to look beyond the garden magazines at other areas of design - fashion being a major arena. At www.earthdesigns.co.uk we look to get our inspiration from everything, from and album cover to film, song to gourmet meal.

  4. He is very talented (and thoroughly charming). But he really needs a better stylist. These shots do nothing for his clothes.

  5. I am so loving your report of the fashion shows, far more than anything I am reading from the "experts"!
    Love that you put it into visuals-- the art, the inspiration, the history, and the resulting fashion, and your writing is excellent commentary!
    Someone needs to hire you!

  6. So much goodness..Hidcote, how enchanting...will be clicking the National Trust site for more, and really loved learning about Duro's inspiration.

  7. You make me want to frolic at Hidcote in a Duro Olowu ensemble.



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