17 March 2010

touching green

for some reason today -Saint Patrick's Day-I am thinking about those I have lost.
A father who could fill sun up to sundown surveying land, return home to his rolling lawn and wander outside to survey its green.

An aunt that could always find not one, but a dozen four leaf clovers in the green grass-whatever patch she might be standing upon. They just bowed to her, she was lucky that way.

A GranMa who would fold green bills into a tiny knot and pass that knot secretly into my hand-asking only that- I don't tell a soul, Our little secret.

A beloved friend sauntering in with a green bedraggled t-shirt for a spot o' mornin coffee.

All gone from this place,
Today I am thinking of them.



  1. I miss mine too. Irish and otherwise. Thank you for reminding me to say that prayer before I sleep.

  2. The way you've honored these people and the memories is truly beautiful. Oddly my post today is somewhat similar. My mother in law is being buried today and I was thinking of a trip to Ireland with my parents. I had lost my mother in Jan. & was thinking about all of our adventures through Dublin. I very much enjoyed reading your tender thoughts. Thank you for sharing. x

  3. Precious memories to keep alive -
    and some new friends of a different kind. . .

  4. Your sentiments are heartfelt and luckily these people have passed through your life.

  5. Its good to remember the people who helped make us who we are, family or not. Its good also to remember the family, not of blood, that kept us sane, opened new avenues and just found us fun to be with.

  6. Oh, you have a touch of the Irish. Underneath those tough exteriors lie soft hearts. And you haven't really lost those things...they may be gone, but you will always have them. Thank you for sharing. xo

    p.s. that Gauld painting is just beautiful.

  7. Dear LA,

    When our thoughts turn to death, it is one who has loved and been loved that turns thoughts back to green. Thank you for the simple honesty of today's post and for the heart that loved these people now gone. Your remembering, your sharing, keeps love alive.

  8. when Cash sings Danny Boy Irish tenors must bow

  9. Porcelains and PeacocksMarch 17, 2010 at 11:39 AM

    I have a beautiful St. Patrick's Day card from 1948 with the Moore quote "Hope shall brighten days to come and memory gild the past". There is the faded message of a woman to her aunt. I always keep the card with me to remember those I have lost.

  10. thanks much for all your comments and hope you stay green.pgt



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