04 May 2010




To               BARON DE GUNZBURG    From MRS. VREELAND    April 14,1969
                   MRS SIMPSON
Copy to        MRS. SCHIFF
                   MRS. MELLEN
                   MRS DI MONTEZEMOLO
                   MRS. HOVEY
                   MISS DONOVAN
                   MRS. INGERSOLL
                   MISS MC KENNA
                   MRS. BUTLER
                   MISS WINKELHORN
                   MISS HAYS
                   MR. DUHE
                   MRS, BLACKMON
                   MISS CANNE
                   MISS MIRABELLA
                   MRS. FRANKEL

                   Let's promote grey.

                   For everything.

                  At the present moment how much grey have we got? 

    moral-of the DE: RE:  Think boldly, declare your Visions boldly.
                                     ASK for the details later.
another VISIONAIRE 37 memo


  1. I love grey, I can't help it, from "slate" to "dove" and all the shades inbetween... plus black and navy... Makes me sound awfully boring (classic in my own opinion), I know and I do have some colour in my wardrobe ;-) Love from London x

  2. One totally gray bedroom with one orange piece of furniture, is my contribution.

  3. oh mademoiselle No! Indeed Classic all shades. I am quite fond of it and have featured it in several projects. One of which I am working on now. pgt

  4. I make pronouncements like this all the time, at work and at home, and everybody looks at me as if I have grown two heads or require medication.

  5. I agree with Mademoiselle, grays, navy and black are my neutrals with lots of blues and greens.

  6. Aesthete, I love that you do, and it is said two heads are better than one. pgt

  7. Kendra, yes navy-and as many times we have heard Mrs Vreeland's pink is the navy of india. Well now she surely thought something about gray.wonder what? Navy I love it, and it is hard to find in good looking clothes. pgt

  8. The only thing gray in my life is my hair. Wearing it makes me look embalmed and being surrounded by it depressed the holy hell out of me. I do, however, as you might suspect adore pronouncements. Would love to be a fly on the wall to hear the AAL's two-heads growing kind.

  9. Yes to gray and yes to Ms. V!!!

  10. Home! yes I would love to have some of yours to share-something about red walls and grey hair. My Mother and I were having a discussion about grey hair yesterday. At 80 ,and prior to-she embraced it-as we concluded how could she possibly be a blonde at that age. Grey is good.

  11. When I moved into a 1949 highrise apartment on Lake Shore Drive, I went Minimalist & used a single shade of pearl gray on everything: walls, floors & upholstery, and my favorite days were in December, when a cold, silvery fog rolled in off Lake Shore Drive, blanked out the views & made it feel like I was living in a cloud. After watching The Hindenburgh on TV, I decided to paint one entire wall with a gigantic gray-&-blue map like the one in the airship's main salon. The colors were appropriately soft, and I liked the finished effort, but in making explicit the allusion to lighter-than-air living, the mural ended up killing the very mood it was meant to foster, and after a few weeks, I painted it out again. Much better. Moral: let people connect the dots for themselves.

  12. DV, Oh DV - in her D.V. autobiography, the Divine Vreeland speaks of an elusive grey - like the inside of a shell. Diana also waxes enthusiastic about Molyneux grey... grey atelier uniforms, grey walls, grey everything - to better spotlight the clothing and the client. (A concept Costumer Edith Head employed later too.)

    I think anyone is capable of liking almost any color provided it's the right shade. If green-y grey suits you not, tint it with blue... and so on - ad infinitum.

    Back to grey though - it emphasizes anything of color around it. Precisely why it's a lovely hair color - showing the beauty of the face and complexion, pretty eyes. Precisely why we can visualize Blue's grey room with the pop of orange furniture.

    PGT of Little Augury, I love how you make us think and imagine!

    1. YOU- certainly get IT. Glad you referenced her autob. I need to read it again-especially her"shades of grey"-One book I have not read-50 shades...-have You? Interesting the comment about grey hair-perhaps that is the way to look at it with grace and not dread. pgt



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