24 August 2010

alice in auguryland


 never again talk to me of the useless chatter of facebook- just the other day-
Liz posted a 2002ish photograph of her summer at PENLAND.

I commented :       Oh, Alice!


 to which one of LizALICE's friend (RS) replied:

"You couldn't deny that, 
Even if you tried with both hands."

"I don't deny things with my hands," 
Alice objected.

"Nobody said you did," said the Red Queen.
"I said you couldn't if you tried."

I'd say that is fairly perfect- brilliant even,
whatever the fb naysayers may say.
I say nay.

thank you LT, RS & fb.



  1. Facebook is limited only by its users. By which I mean if you and yours use it then it is speckled with sparkling literary allusions. Many many others do not sparkle or speckle in such a way. xoxo

  2. & this from a subscriber this morning:

    one of the best posts in the history of the internet




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