11 October 2010

why don't you?


 Colette and Nicky
at the UK Redeeming Features book launch

this is one of the things I must do. No-not get busy working out, well- Yes that too- but I am thinking about that DRESS.
Colette van den Thillart, Creative Director of Nicky Haslam Designs  is wearing Shutter Stripe fabric ! She says" I had it specially printed in this ‘Grisailles Grey’ so that’s a bit of a cheat – but it did turn heads!"

She looks fantastic- I have always loved the fabric and now Colette says "we have started producing this in 12 colourways as part of the Random Harvest Collection by Nicky Haslam for NH Design."

Colette with fellow Canadian Katharina Flohr, creative director of Faberge

This fabric was one of John Fowler's favourites. I wrote about the Prince and heir apparent NH- here -'the Shutter Stripe is nothing but one of the most clever fabrics I have ever seen-Well does that make Colette's dress one of the most clever then?
She remarked when quizzed about the reaction: "Funny enough not that many people ‘clocked it’ at the UK party, but when I wore it in NY..Stephen Drucker, Mitchell Owens and a host of other Fowlerites spotted it right away."

a Fowler room dressed in Colette's dress

I have stowed back a dozen fabrics or more over the years to have something done up to wear.
A Scalamandre silk lampas will be a dress coat , a Kelly Wearstler embroidery- a weskit, a perfect shade of grey glazed chintz- a tailored suit, a Glant sparkling black polymide is awaiting the perfect evening skirt- and so goes the list. At some point I had a fine wiz at the machine but after smocking too many curtains, making too much looped cord trim for pillows and chevron quilting cornices- She suddenly took a very early retirement- I wonder why? I should have been feeding her threads and fabric to get these things made.

Now I have to make a start-
& I should maybe add Shutter Stripe in a tailored jacket with tiny covered buttons?
do you stash fabrics away to frock?

why don't you?



  1. Darling, wicked Nicky! So clever. I saw him on the street the other day, wearing a bottle green suit. The fabric, which really is of interior blinds and not shutters (but who's quibbling?), also appeared in Hamish Bowles' Paris flat that was in WOI a year or two ago. In green it is perfection, I think.

    Nice post, LA!

  2. That dress doesn't look as if it took more than two returable samples to make. I'm just saying.

  3. Really and truly smashing. If only two samples would cover but my heart is completely in it! Deliciously covered.

  4. Adore her dress and so clever to use that fabric. It is stunning! I should still collect fabrics, have a few, alas have also stopped sewing.

    Art by Karena

  5. Reggie darling, a Nicky spotting! maybe a new blog will emerge! No, do not quibble with Little.
    I do love the fabric and the idea of using great textiles from the Houses for frocks. an age old tradition that occasionally crops up in fashion.

  6. Hobac,Anon.- I remember a time when 2 would do too.
    Karena, isn't it? it is hard to refrain from fabrics I come across daily. I know the sewing part is the tricky thing.

  7. LA, you are too fab! And Colette has a killer bod! Love, love that dress...

  8. Six or seven years ago, I had Steve Stolman make up half a dozen dresses for my niece, who was then about six. All upholstery fabrics of various designs, in his default style. She looked fabulous -- for about six months, when she rudely elected to outgrow the batch.

    I've often wondered why someone doesn't set up a company that would make up dresses, as Stolman once did, in a half dozen classic designs with upholstery fabric sent in by their customers.

    This wouldn't replace the need for a good local tailor, but it would be a start.

  9. Anon,11:05- really,Right?

    Ancient- SO true- Scalamandre had some coats done at one time. Madeline Weintrib has done some gorgeous tunics and caftans from her collection.
    I should compile some of these frocks for a post. bill blass would do some great things too. Oscar. there is a great idea there.I hope you saved the little Stolmans for prosperity. pgt

  10. I love saving fabric for a rainy day. Colette looks great in that dress. I think you should go for the jacket with the covered buttons xx

  11. Christina, I have loved your wonderful wardrobe posts of late! I can bet you have stashed away some great fabrics. wouldn't that make a great jacket. I have some vintage Chanel bright tweeds you would love, I am trying to get a sort of vest made out of a grey and fuchsia with a huge fur collar-IF it comes out I will show you. pgt

  12. Why don't I indeed!? Brilliant!

  13. The shutter stripe trompe L'oeuil works well as a dress as well as a blind- but the boots help with the dress outfit.I would just LOVE a house-coat in Manuel Canova's bird-cage fabric- so chique!( and less revealing ..)



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