29 December 2010

Favorite Posts 2010 Part iii : Reggie Darling


Reggie Darling. (end of sentence)

If you haven't already- & why? & where have you been?
RD is a must read for me-

Sometimes I love Him, sometimes He drives Me crazy.
Sometimes I love Him, sometimes He drives Me crazy.
Sometimes I love Him, sometimes He drives Me crazy,
& that is why I can not stay away.

& by the way Reggie Darling is a dear.

some of his best 

his infamous:

                & III

Parts I- IV

Self Portrait: The Painter and His Pug
painted by William Hogarth, 1745
National Portrait Gallery, London

the Infamous
Here's what RD said: "This was a post that elicited a firestorm of comments, and more than any other post I have written.  In it I explain why it is that I have come over time to require our housekeepers to wear uniforms as a condition of their employment.  Some people took Reggie to task for this, in some cases quite vehemently, but the majority agreed with him." The post received 59 comments and I of course added my 2 cents and remarked to Reggie this summer-I had to stop receiving updates on this one as it concerned comments- "oh Lord-here comes another MAID comment." Everyone had an opinion about this one- Dare I ask yours?
&  my counter to RD here 
& I dine with RD here. 
Honestly every post from Reggie is a Treasure. He recommends these, this should catch you up and start following along for his second year of telling it like it is- or should be.



  1. Love the posts- so glad you re-visited these as I missed them !!!!

  2. This is the first time I have ever posted a comment on any blog. I had so much respect for you and your blog. Just reading this post makes me physically ill. Why would you encourage this rhetoric?

  3. Modern Country Lady- great, such unique posts always from Reggie!

    Anon- You should start making more comments, it is important to air our opinions. I hope you feel better.

  4. I adore reading Reggie Darling!! All a matter of understanding from whence he came!

    All the best in the New Year!
    Art by Karena

  5. While I do not always agree with Reggie I think he has one of the most unique blogs around. I can see why you appreciate him little miss augury. It is all about a unique voice is it not?

  6. Dear Gaye, I read Reggie's blog often and love to see what he's doing at Darlington and his gorgeous dog Pompey.

    RD is on my blog list, I have left him quite a few comments but he never, ever replies or visits me so we have had no interaction whatsoever xx

  7. Dearest LA:
    Reggie is ablush (and rather thrilled) that you have honored him so. He is, indeed, humbled to be in such august company as those who have preceded him in this series, and intrigued to see who else you shall anoint to follow. Reggie believes that your blog is one of the most fascinating and illuminating ones that graces the blogosphere, a view that he knows he shares with the legions of avid readers who have been as fortunate as he to have found their way to it. Thank you. Reggie

  8. Thank you. I'm not sure how much better I feel however, I will start making more comments. As Sister Parish said "Harumph!" Or as Jayne Wrightsman said when she saw that dog stuffed into one of her 18th tabourets for another pretentious photo opportunity "Oh mon Dieu!"

  9. Reggie Darling is bookmarked as one of my must read blogs. I adore the chronicles of Reggie, Boy, and of course the always lovable Pompey

    Bonnie, Ottawa, Canada

  10. Recently found Reggie's blog. Adore reading it. So glad you recognized his blog and his precious Pompey.

  11. Oh that maid's post. So completely appalled me that RD was stricken from my blog list for two weeks. But, someone who loves Federal houses and amethyst glassware, and whose politics are more liberal than his social views does not stay banished forever, and back on the list he sits. and like you when I love him I really love him, and when he annoys me, I just look the other way...sometimes. (and fully aware am I that he will read this. I will take my punishment like a man).

    On another note, how did I miss your utterly delightful post about your world and your personal maid's wear? I truly thought that I always read ever post. I must have been traveling, or in a temporary coma.

  12. i adore reggie darling and since reading that blog i have been seized with a desire to monogram everything in sight.

  13. I agree with the love/hate (not quite so hate but sometimes disgusted) relationship with the nom de plume Reggie Darling. I agree with DED about the maid's uniform post and was actually glad to see the following dust up about it. However, I have also read many of his encouraging words to other bloggers. Kindness always impresses me. As does anyone who truly loves a house and dogs. Cyberspace, unfortunately, turns out to be just like earth: it lacks perfection and requires compromise. When RD's posts get overly pompous, the mouse click is my very best friend. As RD has taught us nothing is so important as one's own opinions.

  14. I love Reggie and I feel so lucky that he shares his voice with us. A new post from Reggie is always a treasure!
    I am also delighted that he has led me to your blog.

  15. Reggie Darling does have a unique place in the blogging world. Not many-though saying no one else does- may be overstating what is a vast beyond my realm- post consistently original material and with a joy and knowledge that is unparalleled. With so many blogs just posting material from links to everywhere,reposting articles with flippant comments, I find nothing more refreshing than to turn to RD for a treatis on horsehair or a Peale and a Pot.

  16. Dear Home Before Dark:
    Reggie enjoyed your comment immensely, and found it most amusing. In fact, he roared with laughter when reading it. Well done! Thank you.

  17. Reggie Darling, Home is an anchor and leveler here.pgt

  18. The photo above is not "Reggie" rather Philip Van Rensselaer, an enormous piece of work in his own right. Google him, particularly his autobiography 'RICH WAS BETTER'

  19. Anon, Yes it is true- and Mr. Reggie made a point of noting that in his post- where I got the photograph. I have met Reggie so I know this to be- Not He. I did not say it was He. Reggie obviously has reasons for the nom de plume as do others on the blog circuit- I can easily see why. I don't over do it with googling and I have not read the bio, & oh to think of that sad title -Rich is not always Better-I think. pgt



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