23 January 2011

He sings Noel Coward



  1. God bless him! He sounds like he's having fun. I only wish he would have spent some time memorizing his music: the connection to the audience is altogether different. Is that terrifying for a newbie? Yep. But that's part of the deal. You rehearse, rehearse, rehearse until you can sing your songs standing on your head. It makes all the difference! Ok. Rant over!

    Second point. The cartilages in the throat are not called vocal folds, not vocal cords. The voice science people made that call. Cords- or Chords- is considered obsolete. Noel Coward's music? God I hope not!

  2. Ach Augury! I could better edit myself; I meant to write "The cartilages in the throat ARE called vocal folds..." When you rant you can't think or spell.

    I so enjoy your blog. Best thing on this Arctic day in New York CIty.

  3. I do love the set. You are so right about the connection with the audience and it is all about performance and inflection with songs of this era.

    You stand corrected by Yourself, I did not know that. I am glad Noel Coward and I can enter at will. pgt

  4. Not bad, not bad at all, very Noel Coward en tout cas... rrroling the r's in the right places.
    Definitely better than Tom Ford's tuxedo. I cannot help associating collars sticking up at the back with bad tailoring which from Mr Ford is quiet unforgivable.



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