24 February 2011

Nicky Haslam & Lavender Herbert


"Lavender Herbert, daughter of playwright Sir Alan Herbert, made the model house I used to play with when I had polio in childhood
....maybe she started my whole decoration thing!" Nicky Haslam 

for the love of  Lavender (Herbert)

 image from Architectural Digest January 2011

Nicky Haslam interior designer

  1st image 1944 view of a vermilion hat 1944 Corbis image



  1. I knew it was too early for you to be done with lavender!! Don't you just adore her name?! And that room is stunning!! Quite the claim to fame to have inspired Nicky Haslam's career!!

  2. I have reveled in your lavender posts. I hate that Feb. is a short month. Nicholas Haslam gives the best stories. This one is deserving of a spot in his memoir. Is it in the book? I hope so.

  3. you know i see him every day...and yet sometimes its so nice to see him fresh through others eyes! very sweet post PGT. xxxColette

  4. Colette, Gee how lucky, Wow how lucky-Gee how lucky can you get? We are the lucky ones to have Lavender taking a hand in Mr Haslam's education.
    xxx too.

  5. I would kill for that hat. Lavender is a redhead's pink.



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