26 May 2011

when straw calls II


Stanley Kubrick is said to have remarked upon notice he had cast Marisa Berenson in the role of Lady Honoria Lyndon in his film  Barry Lyndon- 

She wears a hat well.

that can not be doubted.

in the mood for more Barry Lyndon ? there's little augury here



  1. Unfortunately, with all the beauty in that film, the scene that has most stuck in my mind is when he blows smoke in her face. Ugh!! But he gets his just deserts in the end.

  2. Seriously...we need to bring back hats.

  3. Why is it that the subtext of this exuberant gesture seems to celebrate the return of high energy and spirits?

  4. Have been unable to remove this image from my head as of late. So, today, is this most dreadful heat, I have taken the vapors, pulled down the shades, turned off the phone, and am watching on my computer.
    I forgot how long ago I saw it. This 3 hour movie is proving to be an all day affair, as I have to stop, rewind, and see again passage after passage.
    Thank you for reminding me of such beauty and inspiring a wonderful lazy "day off"!!



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