11 June 2011

summer reading


Does the weather change your reading habits?

Yes, I think Mine do- somewhat. What are you reading now?
Mysteries (of course)! Now reading The Crimson Petal & The White in anticipation of the  series from the BBC.
I am late coming to the novel and decided to read it upon recommendation from a beautiful blog Beyond the Pale here

The author Michael Faber talks about the book & the series adaptation:

Romola Garai stars as prostitute Sugar in the BBC Two adaptation of Michel Faber's novel about the darker side of Victorian London.

with a great cast of characters-the book- the movie cast includes Gillian Anderson in the first episodes and Shirley Henderson in all four of the episodes- what's not to love here? It seems somewhat more than PBS can "bare" according to the reviews- so it's unknown when or where in the States it will appear?
I do love a mystery.

Summer by Rex Whistler


  1. I read "The Crimson Petal and the White" many years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was on my Victorian magical mystery tour, commencing with Wilkie Collin's" The Woman in White", followed by "An Instance of the Fingerpost" and finishing with Crimson Petal- 3 exceedingly dense and heavy bricks of Victorian intrigue; I highly rec. all 3.

  2. Unless I'm lashed to a mystery (possible in any season), day of week still tends to trump weather of day in shifting my balances between a couple of things at once - but yes I do gravitate toward humour and toward travel writing more in the warm seasons than in Fall and Winter, and this could be a reflection of feeling less encumbered, rather than of temperatures, per se.

  3. In general my reading seems to become a little lighter in content in the summer (maybe because of the oppressive heat here?) However I love to delve into any book that comes with a good recommendation. If it is good for PBS and for you, Gaye, I will put it on my list!

    Art by Karena

    I have an amazing Giveaway from the Artisans at Novica. You will love it!

  4. Slim, I had not planned to read it, but--- I am a devotee of W Collins too. Instance of the Fingerpost was a chore for me, I hope the Crimson Petal will not be the same-I am having a little trouble getting into it-for some reason the book keeps hitting me in the face about 3 a.m.-and as you know it is a big book!

  5. You will love Crimson Petal & The White, it was brilliant. It has already aired in the UK and I did a blog entry about it which doesn't give anything away about the storyline. You may like it, wonderful pictures:


    Dianne :-)

  6. Carter! I love the humour of the English novelists. I admit to being an of the period reader and less intrigued by the current settings of today. Any day of the week with a mystery or a biography, I just got the bio of Nancy Astor by Christopher Sykes that I am looking forward to reading, also have a little book by Edith Olivier Country Moods and Tenses that I have picked up again. pgt

  7. Karena, I can understand that! I tend to read at night into the wee hours, though I will read any time of day or night!pgt

  8. YONKS, I like the looks of your etsy shop, a favorite thing for me with memories of my grandmother's sewing basket! I loved your post and the little finely tuned observations you make about the movie. pgt

  9. I have never read this one - sounds dark but intriguing. After watching his piece you included, I can see how it ended up so long!! :-)

  10. I read "The Crimson Petal and the White" a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. It reminded me of "The French Lieutenant's Woman" with its ambiguous ending. There is so much in "Crimson" about Victorian mores and issues, and it has one of the most typical Victorian stories, the rise of the "fallen woman." I am delighted to hear that they are making a television series about it. Can't wait!
    I also love Wilkie Collins and have read several of his books. The "Woman in White" is my favorite. Have you read "The New Magdalen" by Collins? It is also good.

  11. Reading "We Made A Garden" by Margery Fish.

  12. Q~ I am glad to know I'm not the only soul that has not read it! The author's comments were another reason I took the plunge.

    Bruce-that sounds a perfect title for You! Yours is looking great.

  13. Sunday- I have not read the New Magdalen-it goes on a list. I love the Moonstone. The series aired in the UK in april, I do hope it will show soon in the states! it looks good and from what I have read it is.

  14. Thanks for the tip. This series is much racier than we masterpiece viewers have been brought up with. It is very interestingly shot, the colors and lighting are intriguing. Gillian Anderson is almost Sweeney-Toddish remarkable Performances, its not Emma!

  15. We have an original copy of the book--and 3 other books of her's which Susan found at a Tag Sale for 50 cents!!!


    The writing is great.



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