14 July 2011

there's something about marianne


Ines de la Fressange as Marianne, 1989.

When Fressange  was selected as Marianne -the Kaiser Karl spouted :”I don’t want to dress a monument, it is so vulgar!” A falling out ensued, Ines-ever the patriot chose Marianne over Chanel and lost her contract, but not her head.

The ever glamourous Marianne represents the "Triumph of the Republic." 

But who is Marianne? By the artist Daumier, she was a mother nursing two children, 

for the sculptor Rude, Marianne was an angry warrior voicing the Marseillaise on the Arc de Triomphe,

Delacroix's Liberty leads citizens on the barricades.

something about Marianne

"Marianne" is the name of the bust and symbol of the French Republic representing the mother figure of France. The busts are found in all governmental institutions The national emblem of France and an allegory of Liberty and Reason-other famous faces lent to represent Marianne are Brigitte Bardot in 1969. and Mireille Mathieu (1978), Catherine Deneuve (1985).

they did it for France

Bardot,at left above, and below. Denueve, fourth from left above, and at right below. Singer Mireille Mathieu,at far right above.

Model, Laetitia Casta became the face of Marianne in 2005. Not without its own puritanical patriots, one mayor in Neuville-en-Ferrain, France, had the statue replaced – because its breasts were-too big-proving a distraction. 
Just after being chosen as Marianne, Casta located to London. French taxes too high?

Évelyne Thomas a French talk show host was chosen as the new Marianne in 2003-with mayors electing a populist choice- Thomas said while she was in favour of liberty and fraternity, she opposed equality, which implied making everyone the same- So much for the Revolution.

Marianne- a married lady. She did it for France.

on this day, 14 July 1789- the storming of the Bastille
Vive la France! 



  1. I seem to recall that Coco Chanel...was painted as well by Iribe. Your really a genius at putting so many posts together!


  2. Thanks for such an in-depth post. It's fascinating to see all these busts of Marianne. And just yesterday I was thinking of Ines, too. Sometimes you and I are on the same wave length. Makes it surprising and fun. Cheers.

  3. I thought Karl was vulgar for saying this>

  4. The Swan, Oh I set things back through the year really and then will polish them up and off when the date comes. I am sure Chanel was so-if not I am sure she thought she should be!

    Catherine-I think often there is a "thread" tying many of us together. I do believe it, and why not-when we are dabbling in the same things there has to be more to it than just happy accidents.

  5. David- I so agree! It showed a lack of feeling and fervor for France! I think she was exactly right to do it- and so many years later they patched up their friendship and she models for him again- she really exuded the right image for Chanel at the time when he lost his temper that he did.

  6. A muse is a muse. He just lost his mind for a time. He had a tantrum.
    Then he regained it.
    This is his muse. I hope he will behave and be grateful.. That is a muse for all of us to see.

    Notice she does not have a frozen face.She is gorgeous and happy!

    Terrible thing happening in the US. Frozen faces.,,way too swollen "trout lips" Distorted faces........Smiles lost...forever.......it makes me so sad.

    Not happening in France?



  7. Penelope- You are so right- I love her good looks and her real face! These frozen face are so unattractive!

  8. I met Ines when she was seventeen and worked with her many times.. a straightforward great girl. Mr. Lagerfeld said a few nasty things about her to the press at the time of the Marianne.. it always seemed like simple jealousy. There was room for only one 'star' at Chanel and her name wasn't Ines!

  9. Oh please, Karl can be so full of himself, but good for Ines for doing it anyway!



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