14 August 2011

Time travel

endlessly inspired by the blog It's About Time- creator-curator Barbara Sarudy is a historian and says of her postings-the images usually cluster around some social, cultural, or academic theme or a timeline. I try to choose works that justify their inclusion on aesthetic grounds. There is a little museum in each blog -- no travel necessary.

today the most beautiful series of Portraits of Women Painting- born in the 1800's-mesmerizing faces, powerful women-
I had to let you know, see more here

portrait of Anna BiliƄska-Bohdanowicz, 1857.

or if you prefer the 1700's  here

or those born in the 1600's here

or women painting in the 1500's here

& looking at these women I was instantly reminded of this of the moment portrait of artist  Patricia van Essche, creator of the blog pve -along with countless illustrations depicting lifestyle paintings and more.




  1. Thank-you. I am actually looking forward to a new portrait, once my new art studio is complete and ready for the unveiling. It will be much more modern.

  2. I've always loved this photo of Patricia, who is just as delightful in person. And I have stopped by It's About Time before at your suggestion but haven't in a while so I will do so today to see these lovely women!

  3. buongiorno Gaye , Very interesting read I love the above photgraph - the composition and the femininity of it .I thought that all the women of the 1500s 1600s and 1700s seemed so much more relaxed and feminine than those of the quite often "surly" and miserable looking and NOT feminine ones of the 1800s ! who must surely have had a less "hard time " that their earlier counterparts ? Interesting nevertheless thankyou Fay



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