15 November 2011

Madeline Weinrib: that's LIFE nov 15


Fur Lined Coats-
I'd say an Ikat print inspired Fur.

LUCE, one of Madeline Weinrib's signature designs.

Look at the classic shapes  & lines of Madeline Weinrib's Collection of Jackets & Tunics made with her beautiful Ikat fabrics.
The color & saturation of these Ikats is a little overwhelming when seen together.
It is hard to have a favorite, All so beautiful.I want them all.

Here's LUCE in walnut-

This Velvet IKAT sent me over the edge- the most sumptuous velvet fabric I've seen in a while. Velvet and mohair may be my favorite textiles for upholstery.  I envision this covering the walls  and sleek banquets hugging the corners of a room.

This extraordinary Ikat's colors and pattern remind me of Vienna- KLIMT & Emilie Floge.

After sitting down with Madeline in her Studio last month-it's apparent that her creative nature is reflected in her work spaces.  An artist, developing wallpapers, textiles, carpets, clothes and accesessories, Madeline sketches in her office, keeps her inspiration boards close at had and surrounds herself with found treasures from her travels. She works on low table in on of the offices, but I don't hesitate to think there is a fluidity here. More tables, one where we dined becomes a conference table later while I am visiting and another silver tray  table surrounded by large cushions made up in new textile designs acts as a place for me to plunder stacks and stacks of pillow covers.

Weinrib''s Latest Fabric Collection

more from the new textile collection
SADU in Black, and below in Brown

There is a wall in Madeline's Studio covered in photographs from the days of the Empire collected on her many trips in search of Inspiration over the years.

As with the patchwork of photographs-there is a sense at Madeline's Studio of many ideas and much inspiration- coupled with a discriminating and disciplined Eye.

This month Madeline is off to India and I for one can not wait to see what inspires her next-inspiring Me over the months to come.

Links- more of Madeline and Soledad Twombly's Collection on Ulla's Model's Own here
more of Madeline's clutches here at Model's Own
an in depth Interview with Madeline Weinrib by Diane Dorrans Saeks at the Style Saloniste here


  1. I am in awe and inspired by this woman!

  2. Oh, oh, I do not no where to start, there is so much I love here! All the fabrics, patterns, dresses. And just when I thought I am done I see your most delightful previous post, which I have had missed ...
    So off I go and save it for later! A delicious morsel after dinner.... Thank you!

  3. Emily, as am I!
    VA- a beautiful place to work and be inspired. I have more photographs to share of Madeline's in a future post. pgt

  4. Magnificent. What a feast for the eyes!
    You always have such great taste and share the best.

  5. Vintage YOU Gaye! I'm inspired. Brilliant Klimt reference.
    Hate to think what I've missed of little augury whilst I've been on my, erm, sabbatical but looks like everything's still going swimmingly with you. xxx

  6. Patricia, it truly is.
    Rose- I have missed you-I am glad you are back in the saddle! pgt

  7. Sumptuous, indeed!! And, an inspiration - beautiful creativity with such a strong voice. A Luce-lined coat would be glorious, and banquets too! I adore the wall of photographs.

  8. Loved how you paired the fabric with the painting by Klimt...it it that kind of associations that makes your posts so scintillating. Loved all of this.

  9. Barbara, I like the idea of wall to wall that fabric.

    Philip, That fabric is outasight! Those links are why I do it, so am glad it is appreciated. pgt

  10. Wonderful post. Just gorgeous. Thank you for mentioning my blog. Lots of love from a grey and freezing cold Berlin.

  11. Ulla, One thing missing YOU. thank you for the introduction. Grey and Freezing cold actually sounds lovely to me! xo to you too. pgt

  12. What a fantastic peek behind the scenes! I love all the photographs.

  13. Janet, It was an amaZing site.
    Elizabeth, the atmosphere is teeming with ideas and energy



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