31 December 2011

little augury at three

little augury is three years old -tonight- this New Year's Eve. the impact of IT has been more than I expected-would ever have guessed or dreamed of. Motivated by the loss of the dearest of friends, little augury was born December 31st 2008. The host of bloggers, readers and the immeasurable knowledge they have offered is dimmed only by their friendship.

Writing my first post I speculated-Why create a blog? What moves us to reach out to others with our thoughts, opinions- our suppositions? For me- I have been continually inspired by one particular blog all year- An Aesthete's Lament. Thank you.
I also begin with an ending of sorts- a dear friend and sometimes mentor died on December 15th and I made a promise to keep just a bit of his wit and wisdom alive by sharing it whenever possible. Hopefully this Little Augury will do that and more. Surely it will evolve- follow along if you'd like to see just how.

"Il n'est pas de plus beau maquillage pour une femme, ni de plus beau vĂȘtement pour un homme que la PASSION." Yves Saint Laurent, mai 1990 
"It is no more beautiful makeup for a woman, and a beautiful garment for a man than the PASSION."
photograph by Victoria Thorne

I could never have anticipated the GIFTS that followed.
This exquisite photograph was taken by one of those Gifts- one of those Givers- friend, Victoria Thorne, creative wonder,  kindred spirit and constant source of inspiration. Whether she is turning her Eye to a nanosecond image or-
excavating a source, she does so with an authenticity that is Pure & Singular-yet objective.
She is Seeking Beauty. Being able to see through her eyes is such a Gift.
& still as inspiring as ever the ceaseless knowledge of An Aesthete's Lament.

VT here
An Aesthete's Lament here


  1. Gaye,

    Like many others, I'm consider it a great boon to have found your blog; I check it daily and am enriched by what I find.

    With all good wishes for a healthy, happy, and spectacular 2012.

  2. Gaye,

    Like many others, I'm consider it a great boon to have found your blog; I check it daily and am enriched by what I find.

    With all good wishes for a healthy, happy, and spectacular 2012.

  3. Happy New Year and a very happy third anniversary! Long may you continue!

  4. Happy Birthday LA,
    I should have known you were born on such a fortuitous night!
    I cherish your kind words to me, in particular,
    and for all the inspiration you gift to All of us,
    in this amazing arena, known as blogging.
    To think, that before internet, I could have missed out on such.....
    the mind does reel!
    I toast to you!

  5. You are the gift... Have a wonderful New Year...

  6. There is so much content, so much variety, and so many ideas in your blog; rest assured that it is always appreciated.

    A great and productive 2012 to both L.A. and PGT.

    --Road to Parnassus

  7. I am with the brilliant Barbara on this,

    & beyond grateful for the exquisite gift of your friendship. 2012! What great grace, and joy- pure happiness- knowing a spectacular 4th awaits LA!

  8. Happy birthday to Little Augury and a very Happy New Year to you Gaye! Wishing you the very best for the upcoming year - coming here has been a delightful addition to my daily routine!! Cheers to another year of inspiration!

  9. Happy new year!
    Thanks for all these beautiful photos!
    Best wishes!

  10. Indeed, the things you choose to share with those who find you are very, very special. I wish you much love, success and creativity in the year ahead. Merci!

  11. I owe LA an immense thank you. Every night I am pushed to learn and to stretch my humble brain by your posts. LA inspires me daily to continue my quests for knowledge, creativity, art...and so much more. Mary

  12. Happy Birthday and best wishes for the new year. A.A.L. was influential, in part, in the creation of my own blog, The Devoted Classicist, as well.

  13. Oh my, she says! What can I say? Your brilliance brightens the core of my own creativity and inspires me, greatly. The next editor-in-chief of Vogue... that is my own wish for you!! You know just how much I am too, inspired by the loss of a dearest friend. How lucky we've been. Best to you Gaye, in 2012! ox

  14. Buon anno Gaye and a year full of happy surprises
    Fay x

  15. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and a wonderful anniversary Gaye. Continue to inspire us.



  16. Happy New Year PGT...wishing you all the best in 2012!

  17. Happy anniversary and happy new year! Wishing you the best in 2012 and appreciate the ring side seat.

  18. Happy blog birthday and of course happy new year :)

  19. Under the banner of Little Augury is an extraordinary collection of essays, original research, images, bits of wit and wisdom...a perusal of only few is a journey through history to the present in design, art, costume, ideas of all kinds; a supreme accomplishment.

    Thank you for the delight and passion.
    My Congratulations to you, and my esteem for you, on this anniversary.


  20. Congratulations P. Your blog is so unique - very few who can or will do what you do. Thank you.

  21. Congratulations on your third anniversary, and here's to a happy and healthy 2012!

  22. Congratulations! and thank you.

  23. Little Augury is one of a kind, one that inspires many. You serve all we can eat yet leave us bit hungry, happily anticipating the next meal. Thanks so much.

  24. Dear Gaye,

    You are a gift to the world of blogging with your style and elegance.

    Happy, happy anniversary and most of all may you have a healthy, joy-filled new year filled with possibilities and dreams in all the ways you wish.

    Warmest regards,

  25. Joyeux Anniversaire to one of the most unique and inspiring blogs out there. Visiting Little Augury is always a wonderful voyage of discovery written by someone with a beautiful and highly individual way of looking at the world, past and present.
    Bravo Patricia, I look forward to many more visits. Happy New Year.

  26. I thank you all! and cherish these comments-Those of you who blog know what power it has and those that support us by reading inspire us to continue-the comments are critical to growth. pgt

  27. The Academy Award goes to:

    Little Augury!! For this post!

    with the help of: An Aesthete's Lament, etc.

    An Exquisite, and beyond exquisite post.!

    We are so so lucky to have you and all..........who blog exquisitely!

    Thank you!!!

    I will save and treasure this always!

    a Treasure!



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