01 March 2012

Virginia's flock



Second hand books are wild books,
homeless books; 
they have come together in vast flocks of variegated feather, and have a charm which the domesticated volumes of the library lack”- Virginia Woolf

 Sisters-Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell-author & artist of these book covers-

Today, March 1st, the United Kingdom celebrates World Book Day. Publishers & booksellers give away  more than 14 million book vouchers allowing holders to collect 8 new books. If you can't get the 1st editions of Virginia's-now, second hand books, there are new copies-and always the homeless ones that will fill your bookshelves with charm & wonder-and You?
With wonder & perhaps a bit of Clarissa Dalloway's wisdom-



  1. i could not agree more.
    just anyone can walk into barnes & noble and buy the same books - crisp and new
    with little history of the previous owners touch and feel.
    i much prefer old books with their stylish covers
    as you have shown in this post.
    thank you xx

  2. I give Dalloways away to young friends in the unjacketed clothbound Everyman edition and at the moment I am down to two, which is to say, one to spare. I'm only too happy to say, my gift is usually redundant. Her popularity with youth is thrilling to contemplate, consoling, and of course thoroughly unsurprising.

  3. I had no idea March 1st was the UK's world book day. And, it so happens I found an old copy of D.H. Lawrence's "Women In Love" on that very day at an estate sale. It's old, but not a first addition. Oh how I love that book, and the movie!

  4. Love the artwork in these covers. Glad to know there is a World Book Day!

  5. Everyday is book day here! Of course what could be better than a new or old copy of A Room of One's Own, nothing could be more important. thanks for all the beautiful comments on this post. PGT

  6. Who did the illustrations for the Woolf covers? I'd like to try to find those editions.

    1. Her sister, Vanessa Bell. best of luck on your quest. pgt



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