10 April 2012

Stripe Optics

 When Stripes GO outside the box- what better than to go full tilt with COLOR.
 Stripes become ART.

 “The uncertainties of a drawn structure increase when it is composed of similar, repeated elements. Because they are small and compacted, these elements begin to fuse while they are easy to separate when they are big.”--Bridget Riley, Op-artist.

Bridget Riley
"Paean"  from 1973
Acrylic on canvas, 114" x 113"

& pairing multitudes of Stripes in multiplicative Colors with WHITE,  white becoming a STRIPE,  goes in the CHIC w/Stripe File.

I Love the stripe Letitgo Wedge from the

 Nine West Shoe Collection  with a White Shift? 

File under CHIC w/stripe.

the same Fluid STRIPES  from a shoe can explode into glorious colors with the brilliance of White  creating an artistic masterpiece-this one a Morris Louis canvas-Alpha Pi, in the Metropolitan's Collection.

White anchors what might otherwise be chaos.

Bridget Riley studied Seurat's "Bridge of Courbevoie" for several years, examining his technique and his placement of color- and found the work a "revelation" as color is concerned.

  As early as 1966 she was effectively applying these revelations to her canvases creating new optics.

Op Art's Bridget Riley with her sculpture 'Continuum''(below) photographed by Lord Snowdon in 1964

 The eye can travel over the surface in a way parallel to the way it moves over nature. It should feel caressed and soothed, experience frictions and ruptures, glide and drift. One moment, there will be nothing to look at and the next second the canvas seems to refill, to be crowded with visual events. -Bridget Riley

 Riley's Dominance Portfolio, Blue, from 1977.

 Last month we looked at this SOANE's  fabric Collection.  Riley's theories can be tested in the a horizontal STRIPE, "Damascus."

Mixing "Damascus" with a very Large stripe works in lieu of WHITE to achieve balance &  harmony. 

The Master of mixed Up Stripes is  still MISSONI. I love their designs and I had several skirts and sweaters in my working wardrobe- while I still work- I seldom need a working wardrobe, and now I've passed them on to my niece.

 Liz & Me (in MISSONI) on a trip to NYC together

 above, Kalahari by Missoni

Missoni while noted for its Fashion STRIPES has turned its sights on HOME-MISSONI HOME. Their exuberant STRIPES, mind bending and straight forward,  are produced in rugs and carpets. I used one of their carpet's COMO, a complex series of stripes within pyramidal shapes, on a wide staircase where my clients were planning to hang art along the walls.

Missoni went full TILT with  Stripes in fabrics and every other kind of interior decoration when assembling their tour de force  Hotel MISSONI in Kuwait.

whether we wear them-
walk in them-
or on them.
Stripes can Order, Energize Invigorate Us
& create Beauty.

photographed of Annabel d'Huart by Frank Horvat



  1. Love Riley's art.

    I saw an exhibit of her work at, I think, DIA, about 10 years ago.

    OH! Here we go (Thank God for the internet + Google):

    September 2000.

    And there is this: In a 1992 BBC broadcast, Bridget Riley said: "At the end of his life, Monet painted his largest, grandest paintings about virtually nothing; about looking into a huge expanse of water set with a few lilies in which unexpected colors appear in the depths, or elusively in reflections. It is a most mysterious, extraordinary subject in which he invest all his experiences and power. In the end there seems to be hardly any subject matter left---only content."

  2. Thank you! I have been practically bats about Paul Smith's signature stripes for years, and this was a wonderful way of feasting my eyes on something, for me, quite new.

  3. This post is totally brilliant!! AS ARE YOU!!!



    Loved, loved loved, seeing you in Los angeles!!! You were so fabulous on the panel! YOWZERS!!!!!!

  4. Love Bridget's Op Art... but, the photo of you and Liz is just the best!! Wonderful stripey series. ox

  5. I do almost adore your blog. Needs not much more: such an integrity. What is the opposite of your art and style? I am stunned!

    Yours appreciatively

    O. Klastat




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