03 May 2012


"There is always something in the background with [Vuillard]. It is possible to have one of his interiors in the house for a month, and one fine day to discover a figure in the corner, and not only a figure, but a whole story.”Julius Meier-Graefe

 The “Voiles de Gênes” Boudoir ,1931
Vuillard's portrait of Madame Fernand Javal, wife of an important parfumeur in her bedroom suite.

"No artist has ever so suggested the soul of an interior—the sense of habitation." Julius Meier-Graefe

 La Comtesse Jean de Polignac., née Marie Blanche di Pietro, 1932, in her boudoir

fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin,at her desk,1935


Theodore Duret, Vuillard's 1912 painting of the journalist in his study

Vuillard painted magically, distilling the essence of his subjects to the rooms they inhabited-a mystery of interior rooms which no other painter caught, an absolute master-or should I say magician at IT.

Do you ever wonder why something is on your radar?
 Now I know, The Jewish Museum, here
a new exhibition that considers six aspects of this enigmatic artist, one of my favorites I might add-

 Edouard Vuillard: A Painter and His Muses, 1890-1940
 May 04, 2012 - September 23, 2012

Visit the Museum & dream here &  here



  1. I love Vuillard interiors. So colorful, complex, and spacial Thanks for sharing. Jennifer

  2. I, too, love Vuillard, but more for his portraits. Several years ago I had an unsigned oil sketch by Vuillard--there was so much emotion in the simple sketch that it seemed to leap off the board, Thanks for the museum visit. Mary

  3. His are most favorite paintings......what I love in the background is what is the background of these people's lives! Never could we see more gorgeous Chinese wallpaper....18th century hand-painted for the "European trade" it just gets no better ever! And the cabinets behind Jeanne Lanvin.....(I am thinking those are filled with ancient textiles and God knows what that she loved the "look"!!

    what on earth could be more beautiful than that journalist in his study with his pile of books on his desk (Oh I will get to them!!) (probably not!) with his beloved cat on his lap.

    Gorgeousness of life is what this artist painted. Let's hope none of us miss it while we are living it!!!

    what a lovely and profoundly poignant post! Love it!


  4. Such amazing paintings...One can just look evermore deeply into them...

  5. In each of Vuillard's paintings, there is a wonderful sense of light, which in turn conveys the volume of the space.

  6. I don't feel so bad now, seeing Duret's huge stack of papers on his desk. I only wish I had such grand paintings in the background. Evocative Post!

  7. Love your posts. I love Vuillard's roomscapes...each one an entree to the personality of the sitter, a subct in its own right, and to 20th century interior arrangements
    ...love Druet and his cat, that 1912 interior taking its cue from the late 19th c interior of the connoisseur; the boudoir's with things out of fashion now, but charming: both with corner wall etageres, and the low poufs...the Late 18th c Neoclassic gueridons, a Rococo or neoclassic fauteuil as de regueur. As an interesting note, the rather large pleated lampshade in Javal's suite are very Parisian, that is how they do it there, as are what are likely Kangxi "powder blue" baluster urns, french wired as lamps.
    I think Lavin's studio looks as fresh as paint today.
    A delight to look at today. Thank you. Warmest,

  8. If you remove the sitter, I swear one was looking at Walter Gay's famed interior scenes so beloved. Love Lanvin's desk with crystal sculpture atop and all the swatches spilling around...of course, an open book is the key to ALL visions!

    Wish he captured her bedroom and bath.

  9. I love art that depicts interiors and these are exceptionally lovely.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  10. I love the complexity and all of the small details. What a master!

  11. many ideas come to mind when thinking of Vuillard. I did think of pairing up some photographic portraits of the sitters here-but why, when he captures them and so much more beyond their image. I do Hope to see this one. pgt

  12. Vuillard is master painter. To paint the portrait and give both it and the room importance is a tall order. He accomplishes this major feat and the Sitter is the star. Brilliant.
    Thank you P. Gaye for posting.

    Helen xx



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