30 April 2012

you can't fool mother nature

it's Not oatMeal.
the Wonderful world of beige, as Nature intended.

 & as interpreted by master designers like Stephen Sills.

I'd say it takes a Master to challenge BEIGE. 
As with Sills-adding another Color from Nature-Bulrush & Grass-makes Beige ViBrate.

Oatmeal topped with Olives?
Layers-with warmth- 
Gradation-with rhythm-
Texture-must be everywhere.

Studio Peregalli

Calculated Beige.
With Repetition & Geometry beige is more than just palatable-
It can conceal- only to reveal that -
It is Complex.

What might first appear simple-even mindless-is far from it. 
Look deeper and one can see grids,roads, rivers, cities,
& Home.

& Barry Dixon

As with the great chambered Nautilus-
Beige must have Shadow-Light & Dark

Beige is not for the faint of heart.

(the answer to OatMeal)



  1. Thanks, I needed that clarification. In the hands of the Masters beige (not Oatmeal) goes from plain to spell binding. I love all of the charcoal that seeps into the beige textures. Mary

  2. this is just simply unfair.....it is so brilliant no one can keep up with you!

    What a delight....and what delightful things you teach us all!

    Thank you!

    To the young ones.....study, study study. This blog. Every single post. This is graduate school!!


  3. Of course........you are totally correct! this is "shades of" beige....that takes the eye in another direction....exquisite examples.

    there really is no "wrong" color......is there?

    Please see "the exquisite Marigold Hotel" (I do not have the title right....but enough so you can find it!

    My favorite film in years! Go see it! It is totally wonderful!!!

  4. I really enjoyed all three examples, particularly the Mongiardino-esque stenciled (?) walls in the S. Sills room (though hoping the gigantic wooden mushrooms were just props for the photo and not always there to be tripped over).
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  5. Wonderful post! I love the beige in the tree bark. You have a painter's eye. LOVE

  6. Yes, oatmeal had me worried for poor beige. Glad it made the grade! :)



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