24 September 2012

Ciao Veranda!

The September-October issue of Veranda is full of all things MADE IN ITALY. As editor in chief, Dara Caponigro says- that phrase embodies "artistry, quality and style," much as Veranda has over the last 25 years. I was lucky enough to put some questions to Dara about the magazine's Special Report on Italian Style. I was especially caught up in their story Gold Standard-all about statement jewelry in gold and how Italian women wear it best.

Dara wearing her favorite gold bracelet
Veranda photograph

Here's what Dara told me:

I love gold jewelry. 
You know the 80's were all about gold jewelry;everyone wore it. Then it seems silver was In. Some women shy away from gold, but your Gold Standard piece will have them digging out the gold.
Does Veranda set fashion trends as well as design trends?
DC: Our stories typically come from the heart, from a place of real excitement and passion. The Italian jewelry story came from admiring Italian women at the Basel watch and jewelry show this past spring. Our jewelry editor, Catherine Davis, and I were enchanted by the glamorous Italian we met and the jewelry they wore. We became really excited about capturing their certain something. We really work from our gut and by doing what we innately feel, we actually have become trendsetters. Veranda is very of the moment and we take a fashion-forward approach. Our recent feature on Rachel Roy got a great response, and we are doing more and more coverage of style and fashion – as well as travel, culture, beauty, entertaining and the arts. I always say that if you love beautiful things and places, you’re going to love our magazine. We’re about livable luxury and give readers access to the most beautiful interiors and objects in the world.

Do you wear jewelry every day? What is your favorite piece of jewelry?   

DC: Yes. I have a classic chain link bracelet from the 80s that I wear at least five days a week.

Your Gold Standard story describes the Italian woman as glamorous with effortless composure-and seductive. Still there is something illusive about their style. 
Can you put your finger on their secret?
DC: They know when to pull back so that they’re just short of being tacky. There is a certain sex appeal married with a certain restraint, and that tension between the two is completely seductive.

What Italian actress-past or present- personifies Italian style?
DC:The young Sophie Loren. It sounds so obvious, but she was the epitome of Italian style. And it relates back to that idea of tension. 

 There was something almost demure about her clothes and jewelry, but with that face and incredible figure…the combination and resulting tension created enormous sex appeal.

You are on the move so much; do you have a travel uniform? 

DC:I love to travel with dresses. They are easy to pack and take up less room in your suitcase. All you need are great shoes and accessories and you have an instant look.
 (when I meet Dara in LA in the Spring she was wearing a wonderful looking leather shirtwaist style dress.)

Which of the pieces from your Italian Style/Well Made will you purchase-or want to purchase?
DC: All of them! There is not a single item that I wouldn’t purchase. We spend a tremendous amount of time vetting everything that we feature and if we don’t absolutely love it, we don’t run it.
 But if I had to pick the first couple of items that would be on my shopping list, it would be the Vespa and the Marni boots.

There are some terrific stories in the issue as usual and Veranda is celebrating its 25th year as one of my favorite magazines and yours. This month's cover offers this unarguable advice:
Live With What You Love

Dara's letter from the Veranda revealed the magazine's Archive's Project. The magazine is culling the design libraries of wallpaper-fabric-and furniture companies to select pieces for reissue in their anniversary year- there first with Cowtan and Tout! I hope to share more details about this project in future posts with Veranda.

See the best of  The Most Beautiful Products Made in Italy in the current Veranda here 
Veranda.com here


  1. Gorgeous woman. I love gold jewelry too.
    Time to go for the gold....

  2. I had a lovely big chunky gold bracelet that I cherished for almost 20 years given to me by a favorite Aunt. Last June when gold was worth lots of cash I sold it to go to the 50th birthday party of dear friend in Bellagio on Lake Como.

    I have no regrets, but your post made me think about that decision. I still don't regret it. Every woman should have a piece of jewelry she can hock to go to Italy.



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