27 October 2017

Cathy Graham's SECOND BLOOM

my beautiful SECOND BLOOM book wrapped beautifully,
 and accompanied by a journal and all of it packed in a SECOND BLOOM gift box.

'tis the season of books, and there are more to come here at little augury.
today's book is special–unique to all the books that have emerged this Fall.
If I envy anything, it's the ability to paint, illustrate, render. Artist Cathy Graham has the knack, not just that, but artistry.

Cathy Graham amongst her paints

It's obviously a joy to her, it's easy to see from the work. There's Joy in each color–stroke–and embellishment of her book SECOND BLOOM!

I started following Cathy on Instagram and was immediately drawn to her portraits–her talent for capturing the likenesses of the personalities I've been fascinated with for many years. They are instantly recognizable–a true art!

 I snagged these from Cathy's instagram page, they can be seen in the book but not close up. See what I mean? Coco & Vreeland, Voila!

in Cathy's studio
I adore all of those perfectly sharpened pencils!

Her book SECOND BLOOM takes you on a visual journey focusing on setting tables with great joie de vivre, a touch a whimsy, a soupçon of humor, and of course flowers that are romantic, abundant, and carry her own stamp of individuality. Her mentor was the great Robert Isabel, so it's no wonder Cathy has embraced the Art of the Table. She's a noted hostess with a way of entertaining effortlessly according to Joanna Coles who writes the foreword to the book. Coles also cherishes the handmade invitations Graham sends to her dinner parties.

I found the beautiful rooms Cathy designs her flowers in & for-well-just beautiful!  I was looking beyond her flowers to see the "trees," as it were. She has a light, deft touch in her rooms–just like her illustrations. Look at her interiors, so feminine and warm. She mentions in the book nothing ever changes–she never re-does things. When it's time to replace something due to wear, she uses the same fabric. I love this philosophy.

Spring at Graham's New York townhouse

   Summer in Nantucket 
a heavenly bath and dressing table

At table...
with summer's citrusy colors

& back to New York for Christmas...

It seems SECOND BLOOM is the beginning of a creative boon for Cathy. I spied a candle in the works on her instagram page, she currently has a paper goods and stationery line, and a collaboration with Charmajesty linens, here, for the most adorable PJS, just in time for the holidays, and there's more in the works, but
FIRST track down SECOND BLOOM, its available at Vendome here, and there's a special slipcase edition at Bergdorf Goodman.

Follow Cathy on instagram if you want to keep up, and her website here, & more of her products here.
The book is published by Vendome, authored by Cathy Graham & Alexis Clark, with photographs by Quentin Bacon & Andrew Ingalls.

All photographs used with permission from VENDOME


  1. Love Cathy Graham - can you direct me to where I can purchase paper products, etc. online? Love your blog - read it every day.



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