20 October 2016

Woburn Abbey—the Marchioness of Tavistock—Henrietta Tiarks

Sentiment. Tradition. Romance. I love all three.

the Marchioness at Woburn Abbey

After her son, Andrew Howland, had a horrible accident in the States, the Marchioness of Tavistock left the family seat of Woburn Abbey to be with him during a three-month recovery.

She recalled her return to Woburn in the book The Art of Giving by Stuart E. Jacobson, saying: "We rode up the driveway and I looked up to the top of the house. I noticed that the banner was different: it was halved, with Robin's coat of arms on one side and mine on the other. Robin told me that this was to thank me for all that I had done. I was totally overwhelmed."

The banner would always be flown over the Abbey.

the slippers below the banner were made for the Marquess by his Marchioness–
"Every stitch says 'I love you'"

27 September 2016


Rule Britania 
Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

While my favorite books about houses and lifestyle are Horst and Lawfords', a new book  GREAT HOUSE, MODERN ARISTOCRATS, stands out as an absolute treasure in the release of new books being published this Fall. The book by James Reginato, the writer whose stories are often within the pages of Vanity Fair and gifted photographer Jonathan Becker, the books' principal photographer, have given readers a reason to read, and to immerse ourselves in the pages of a truly beautiful book. That said, it's appropriate to mention the editor of this book is also my editor—Philip Reeser. It also behooves me to note editors should share the covers of books, certainly my book coming in the Spring. Philip has been integral in my book, and his expertise is unassailable.

Blenheim Palace
One of the Saloons at Blenheim with murals by  Laguerre.

The Grand Dame of Modern Aristocrats was definitely the Duchess of Devonshire—Deborah Cavendish. Entrepreneur, author, wit, Mitford sister, and certainly the most famous poulterer ever, the book finds the late Dowager Duchess ensconced in a tidy nest, The Old Vicarage at Chatsworth in Derbyshire.

Sensible Shoes, Chintz, and— Letters from Oxford Hugh Trevor-Roper to Bernard Berenson, Mellon: An American Life, and Flowers: Jo Self.

Lisemore Castle~ the realm of the Earl of Burlington, William Devonshire, in Ireland
The very proper Drawing Room of Lismore doesn't reflect the dynamic works of art the Earl has added to the Castle rooms. The modern art is indicative of the new life the handsome couple-William and Laura Cavendish has interjected into the property. This room was designed by A.W. N. Pugin and Joseph Paxton in the mid-nineteenth century.

Luggala, County Wicklow, Ireland 

Luggala's beautiful Drawing Room was decorated and restored by David Mlinaric and his associate Amanda Douglas. Another Pugin room, Mlinaric used a hand blocked wallpaper designed by Pugin called Gothic Lily—part of the Cole & Son archive.

Great Houses, Modern Aristocrats is a must have (exaggerated?)
Definitely Not.
It is substantive and beautiful. It will be one of those books you will return to time and again—and again.
Some of the additional properties included are: Dudley House in London (44, 000 square feet), Haddon Hall, Clandeboye, Houghton Hall, Dumfries-home of the Prince of Wales, and from the cover and perhaps my favorite is St. Giles House in Dorset.

 Great Houses, Modern Aristocrats by James Reginato, Rizzoli New York, 2016. The above images by Johnathan Becker were provided to me by Rizzoli and should not be used without permission from the publisher.

24 September 2016

CHERISH Chairish

Do you know about Chairish? I learned about it from my in the know friend Jesma and after some time I decided to look into selling some things from my large and still growing inventory. As an interior designer, it's always easy to reconcile another addition. The tricky part is where to put it all.

I decided on Chairish.

See all my CHAIRISH listings here.

I still have a presence on etsy too with more textiles and smaller things I've collected over the years.

See my etsy listings here.
(over the next week I will be adding items like the one above)


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