24 September 2016

CHERISH Chairish

Do you know about Chairish? I learned about it from my in the know friend Jesma and after some time I decided to look into selling some things from my large and still growing inventory. As an interior designer, it's always easy to reconcile another addition. The tricky part is where to put it all.

I decided on Chairish.

See all my CHAIRISH listings here.

I still have a presence on etsy too with more textiles and smaller things I've collected over the years.

See my etsy listings here.
(over the next week I will be adding items like the one above)

12 September 2016

fast forward

SPRING 2017, yes, it's Gingham, and yes, it's Carolina Herrera, and yes, it's How They Decorated! 
Yes, it's Coming...

29 August 2016

Beau Coops x Romance Was Born

I'd like something in brocade like Boucher's Pompadour mule.

Camile Silk Mule 

François Boucher 'Portrait of Madame de Pompadour'

 Comtesse d'Egmont Pignatelli in Spanish Costume by Alexander Roslin…1731

"1-2 buckle my... Jasmin Silk Sling Back"

Gerard Cornelis van Riebeeck ca 1755 by Mattheus Verheyden

 "Beau Coops X Romance was born"...shoes that look like paintings. 

Adalene Silk Bootie...

available at MO Moda 'Operandi trunk shows Here.

27 July 2016

down in Mexico: Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter

A new book, CASA MEXICO At Home in Merida and the Yucatan is captivating. Beautiful light plays with world class photographer Tim Street-Porter's camera inspiring some of the most engaging and evocative interior design photographs I've seen in some time. The interiors discovered and profiled in the book by Street-Porter and writer Annie Kelly are at once elegant, modern and ancient.

Houses in the region's capital Merida and beyond have been taken up and revitalized by artists and tastemakers, providing the beautiful spaces in CASA MEXICO. Lush nature unites with neutral colors placed on period furniture, while color at times vivid, seems muted by soaring ceilings.

Here are some of my favorite rooms in the book, along with a few great Mexican women who seem to inhabit the same spirit.

The diva of international cinema Mexican-born Maria Felix as painted by Bridget Trichenor in “Domadora de Quimeras” would have been right at home in this room. Once owned by sixteenth-century priests. now called Casa de los Frailes, the sala is decorated with antiques, stacks and stacks of books, modern art, and a wonderful old map of the Yucatan.

It's just as easy to envision the glamorous Felix lounging in this sala at Casa Serrano Willson.

The Loggia at Los Almendros "The Almonds" has been decorated by Arturo Pani, and owned by famed producer- screenwriter Manuel Barbachano Ponce. Ponce directed the ultra-glamorous Delores del Rio who I can just imagine coming in from a swim, feet padding on the cool marble floors.

For a sensualist, there is Coqui Coqui. I can't imagine the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo staying anywhere else but this one bedroom hotel in Merida.

The most striking structure in the book is the studio of Mexican artist and sculptor Javier Marin, designed by his architect brother Arcadio Marin. Its serenity is evident from Street-Porter's roof top camera view. Called Plante Matilde, whether it is the structure or its surroundings or both, there is a holiness in evidence here, I can only imagine standing in its rooms.

Plante Matilde seems a place where Mexican Baroque poet Juana Inez de la Cruz, nun, and extraordinarily, sixteenth-century feminist, could work and study.

CASA MEXICO opens fifteen homes wide, and in doing so had me going further afield to investigate the region. Isn't that in a sense what any great book does? It should take us beyond its pages, opening our eyes and minds to unknown people places things.

all photographs are by Tim Street-Porter and provided to me by Rizzoli (with my thanks)


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