20 July 2017

kaftan summer: OLIVIA JOFFREY

the people you will meet, right where you are.

such wonderful friends and fellow travelers in the world of design, decoration, & fashion, I've encountered right here on this page.

while I don't consider myself fashionable, the world of fashion intrigues me and always has.
its fast paced clip from one season to another never ceases to amuse & amaze me.
how do you keep up? I don't try.
my summer wardrobe is made up of kaftans. a few vintage, many from J.Peterman, several from Irving and Fine, and now I've added a go to kaftan from OLIVIA JOFFREY. I first knew Olivia as the blogger Vigilante Living–
& now:

Her eponymous collection is both a love letter to 1970s Santa Cruz, her bohemian hometown and her mother -- a former stage actress whose expatriate years in mid-century Spain flavored her personal style. - from her website here.

In addition to Olivia's great kaftans her website is a trip. It's like no other in terms of the eclectic artistic presentation of her creative life and her mother's influence on it.

I have her Carmel Cabana Dress in Midnight Dot. The fabric is one of my all time favorites- a soft cotton dotted swiss in black. The dress is practically Lined in another soft black cotton-which I appreciate. It solves the problem of the dreaded "see thru." I've worn the dress to 2 events for my book already and it will pack when I go to California this fall. 

I wore the dress untied, with these great pink beaded silk tassels on my gold hoops. Olivia sent these with the kaftan and I love them. They just slide over the hoops. Along with the earrings, I'm wearing an Anndra Neen necklace.

08 July 2017

INSPIRED COLOR & PATTERN: Schuyler Samperton

I love color, that's no surprise. I love saturated color, that's no surprise.
So it's no surprise I love Schuyler Samperton's new fabric collection.

Taken from old Indian textile documents that Schuyler studied, her fabrics are joyful, dynamic and of the moment. Other inspirations were her mother's scarves-a fashion signature she was known for in Washington D.C where Schuyler grew up. She named one of her patterns-Overlea after the street she grew up on and the pattern's design is taken from one of her mother's scarves. Her father was a noted architect in the city and wore printed pocket squares that also inspired the collection.

Tricky & Schuyler
Chair cushions in Cordoba/Clair and walls in Nellcote/Montego 

I met Schuyler through her dog Tricky-who has made a name for himself as an Instagram star.
Tricky is featured often and can be seen romping around & touting his mistress's fabrics.
Smart Dog.

Tricky resting on his Nellcote/Wisteria dog bed, below- Nellicote/Montego, & Sky

I'm showing my favorite patterns and colors, but there are additional colorways on her website, here.

                                                     Cordoba/Clair &  Overlea/Marine                                                

Another favorite pattern and color Caledonia/Imperial, below Firefly/Deep End


                                                       Pendleton/Jolie &  Firefly/Rose Bud                                                     


               Doshi/Lake & Pendleton/Academy

Tricky on a settee in Caledonia/Peony & Doshi/Hibiscus

            Doshi/Aubergine & Pendleton/Black Currant

SCHUYLER SAMPERTON, the website here

07 July 2017


Maria Grazia Chiuri for Christia Dior Fall Couture 2017, a loosely constructed three-quarter sleeve coat with appliqués and embroidery depicting Medieval Tarot cards


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