14 April 2015

the other VICTORIA

especial THANKS to VICTORIA THORNE for a new portrait on the blog sidebar.
VISIT her, at VICTORIA THORNE, where else! 

I have adored her sense of "putting it all together," since for forever on her blog, and we've shared an amazing friendship-though we've never met face to face. She has done some wonderful pen, and ink portraits recently that bowled me over.

portrait by Victoria Thorne

25 March 2015

"Deadines and Commitments,

What to leave in, what to leave out "(bob seger)

I love music, and often our life becomes a song. 
over the years my oldest brother and I -when we are together, have the habit(some say a very annoying & bad one) of finding song lyrics creeping in to our conversation, to increase said annoyance- it's often synchronized. 
well, as long as I am in confessional, singer, songwriter Bob Seger is a guilty pleasure of mine. the Detroit native is responsible for songs like- Against the Wind, Night Moves, Still the Same, (oh yes,) and what now is associated with Chevy trucks-Like a Rock,  Old Time Rock and Roll, Hollywood Nights, and We've Got Tonight.
at the moment Against the Wind's lines  "I've got so much more to think about, Deadlines and commitments,What to leave in, what to leave out..." resonate( meaning it repeats- over and over-and over-even when I sleep!)
SO-right now I am working away on my book and foregoing our usual meetings. there may be something unavoidable humming in my ear I have to share-but right now, there is so much to write,"so much more to think about..."

 (Félix Vallotton, Misia at her desk, 1897, Gouache and pastel varnished on card, H. 35 ; W. 52 cm, L’Annonciade, Musée de Saint-Tropez)

16 March 2015

lovely RITA...free falling

rita lydig by boldini

modern RITA

rita, by sarah burton for alexander mcQueen, fall 2015

lovely rita

meter maid by the beatles


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