19 February 2009

PINK Power

Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth." Lakshmi"-derived from the Sanskrit ‘Lakshya’ meaning ‘goals’. Lakshmi leads us to our goals and bestows us with wealth /material / spiritual

What does pink say? I know who I am? I want to capture your attention? I mean what I say?

wrapping a Sari

Jil Sander Spring 2009, photo: Marcio Madeira -an unstructured shift- like dress floats down a runway- the power of pink.

Aishwarya Rai-Bollywood star

Katrina Kaif-Bollywood star

THE GALABI GANG- in India's remote district of Banda- a group of outraged women joined together in vigilante force to empower women in the area to stop domestic violence and other crimes against women.

Sampat Pal Devi's "PINK GANG" has become a force for men to reckon with- the group's self taught defense tactics are used little now-after 3 years and hundreds of women joining the Gang. The electric PINK saris are the Gang's uniform and shops in the neighborhood can't keep them in stock. The Galabi Gang is credited for lowering crimes against women, increased attendance of girls in schools and intercepting black marketers looting a local food bank and improved living conditions.

the GALABI GANG-photographs by G.M.B Akash

the GALABI GANG-photographs by G.M.B Akash

all photographs-Reuters

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