06 February 2009

PB at the WH


In view that the 1st lady has tapped Pottery Barn for some of her 1st family's decorating needs- I took a look at their online site. I decided to create a Guest Bedroom exclusively furnishing the room from Pottery Barn.
Here are the results. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration. A few small details:
A space large enough to accommodate 2 full size beds- Nice for all ages.
Hardwood floors for some of the PB rugs available.

After an overview, I was taken by the set of Cyanoprints available from PB. This printing technique uses real foliage, flowers, etc. arranged on paper and coated with a light sensitive solution. Upon taking up the specimen and exposing the print- a silhouette is created. Each print is 8 x 10 inches and sold in a set of 12 unframed. In MY GUESTROOM I am using the prints as wallpaper- following in the footsteps of many- even Linnaeus the great Swedish botanist himself-

I indulged in using Farrow and Ball paints in the room taking a cue from the Linnaeus bedroom and using paint to create a wainscot. My choice- DRAWING ROOM BLUE- a sort of good Navy, For the walls- LIME WHITE- a lime washed white. For the ceiling-BLACKENED- really a pale overcast sky.
Farrow and Ball has a wonderful website- so go take a look at these colors.


A bedroom at the home of Linnaeus with botanical drawings covering the walls

the set of cyanoprints (here- shown framed ) from PB

Some of the essential pieces to any Guest Room are comfortable beds, bedside tables with reading material, a carafe of H2O, paper and pencils-maybe nowadays - a lap top. This Guest Room has a pair of the PB full size "Darcy" beds. The head and foot of the bed are covered in the PB sheet sets (yes it would take lots) Avalon- a graphic take of the classic riding tack. These sheets will be great on the bed as well as some navy quilts with stitched botanical patterns.

the Darcy bed

gorgeous gray velvet curtains from PB

a great heavily braided sisal rug

another lightweight layer of small rugs in another graphic pattern are used in the room

1st layout of the Guest Room (top of post)
A look at the major pieces in the room: great chairs on either side of the fireplace, a large cabinet piece, a pretty painted- to look like mother of pearl inlay- chest in between the beds, and a pair of wicker trunks at the foot of the beds. The textures and patterns create a touch of the modern but keep it grounded in the old with the trunks and the canopies.

The PB has terrific accessories: A lantern hangs from the ceiling of the Room, a handsome modern acrylic firescreen and fire set dress the fireplace along with large rush baskets. Other accessories add to and reflect the naturalistic details of the room: silvered tree trunk lamp, a bronze drum table alongside the chairs, a pair of sconces and a periodicals rack loaded with up to date reading.

PB accessories


In 2007, Linnaeus celebrated 300 years. What a fantastic image for the celebration! Linnaeus was a great Swedish naturalist. Carolus Linnaeus is popularly known as the father of taxonomy, because of his remarkably outstanding contributions to the field of systematics. The most notable among these are Systema Naturae (1735) and Genera Plantarum (1737). His book Species Plantarum (1753) is a landmark in the history of taxonomy. It contains the binomial system of nomenclature which has been practiced ever since.

Louise Odier- PINK Rose

LOUISE ODIER, One of the most beautiful and popular of the great Bourbon class. Bourbons were the roses of Victorian England. They produce exquisite, large, full old rose set upon strong, vigorous growing bushes. Bourbons are also favored with wonderful, heady fragrances. One great advantage of the Bourbons is that they are repeat flowering, profusely blooming in the spring, followed by intermittent repeat blooms of high quality into the fall.

ROSA WOODSII~ Linnaeus named this genus in 1753. The PINK Rose~ The Pink Rose is one of the longest known existing roses, symbolizing LOVE and GRATITUDE.


  1. This pink rose photo reminded me of my friend Agnes de Bethune's realistic flower paintings.


  2. Chris- absolutely! I love that painting, my favorite is the dandelion. I think the size is interesting too. thank you for mentioning these- I hope to feature some of them on a post.

  3. Lovely post! You featured some beautiful pieces from -- gasp -- good old PB...and I am a big Farrow and Ball fan, having used many of their colors in my house.

  4. Lisa- it is amazing what you can find there- the PB teens and kids have some very fun things. A challenge though. the Farrow and Ball color in your Living Room looks loverly.



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