12 February 2009


We all have favorites. I have always loved magazines- a favorite thing and a favorite thing to take up for a nap or to go through a stack by the couch on a Sunday afternoon. As a child, I remember going through my grandmother's House and Garden's and watching her dog ear the pages with her "likes." I can not imagine my world without books or magazines- and I have a horde of both-to the extreme- of them to prove it. I am slowly going through each one. "Oh! I can't get rid of that one, this one can't be defaced"- it is a painful, painstaking task. What's worse is the lost copies- being neglected for month or two and discovering it or remembering something great I've seen and loved and not being able to find the magazine I saw it in. I can always remember what magazine it is in- it's just finding it that is HARD. I think I am making strides in editing my collections and then I look in the lower bookcases or elsewhere and it doesn't appear so. In starting this blog though and pondering doing it for a year- I have been preparing.

My FAVORITE HG cover is this one from November 1996 . The gorgeous creatures posing belong to John Rosselli, well known antiquarian in the design and antique world.

I agree with Rosselli- give your dogs free range in the house. You can't expect dogs to know it all- so you have to show them the ropes, let them know what's expected and they usually won't disappoint. To make life easier for both me and Zetta, she has inherited "fur" throws, several paisley stoles, two toile fabric throws and a number of Indian cotton bedspreads from my "gone to heaven" dog- MOSES. Forgiving oriental rugs and sisals help with the daily appearance of those dog hairs- of course a vacuum is ideal- but not for everyday living.

my new dog Zetta

Rosselli and whippet Elizabeth

Objet' dogs in Rosselli's home

Rosselli's Dogs-what a terrific picture!

Little Pink and Silver Dog Card:

One of my cards listed on etsy featuring pink flocked leaves on a silver ground and gray ribbon. Inside the card says:
"The dog was created especially for children. He is the god of frolic." Henry Ward Beecher


  1. I love that you kept your old HG's...I did for a while but then threw them out...So interesting to see that those John Rosselli photos still hold up. Beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for posting those! xx

  2. Lisa- I just saw the new T&C and John Rosselli is opening a new shop. I have gotten rid of many mags- it is always big separation anxiety.

  3. I keep scrolling back to this post - for its combination of warmth and sophistication. Very nice!



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