16 February 2009

Yves Envy

Photographer Massimo Vitali on the collection of the late great Yves Saint Laurent:

“I had a profound feeling of the transience of life and the sheer audacity of our time here,” Vitali says. “There was not a single item that really stood out as such, but what did strike me, nonetheless, was the sheer abundance of contradictory objects: these contradictions are what life is made of.” The library shelves point to the breadth of the designer’s interests and inspirations. In the living room, the wood-paneled walls — and even the doors — were densely hung with works by Picasso, Léger and Gericault, just to name a few.

(all photographs by Massimo Vitali from the article in NYTimes Style- The Last Collection by Guy Trebay)


This retrospective book is the first to cover the forty years of Yves Saint Laurent and highlights the inventive character of the designer’s work. Over 160 of his finest designs and accessories, all taken from the Foundation Pierre Bergé–Yves Saint Laurent collection, are presented.

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