23 March 2009

My own Zurbarán

Saint Casilda (isabel/ elizabeth) by Z.

...right now the Frick Museum has a wonderful still life by Francisco de Zurbarán’s (1598–1664) Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose on loan to them from the Norton Simon Museum. Zurbarán is one of my many favorite painters and I actually have his Saint Isabel on as a screensaver right now.

Still Life with Lemons and a close-up by Z.

close up of Saint Apollonia by Z. at the Louvre

I've always found myself finding resemblances with this person and that person- call it a gift or a curse- It is inherited from my mother. This happens all the time, on the screen, in a magazine, looking at paintings, Anywhere. People that pass in and out of my life are etched Everywhere.

It is Proust's character Swann that draws comparisons to people and paintings throughout the novel. There is a superb new book I was given for Christmas- Paintings in Proust: A Visual Companion to In Search of Lost Time by Eric Karpeless. It is a fascinating look at all the paintings or painters referenced in Proust accompanied by the Proust passage.

How SURPRISED I was when on my niece's Facebook page- MY VERY OWN ZUBARAN! Liz and friends from her stay at the Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. She spent time there the summer after her freshman year and studied printmaking. The occasion was a parade of sorts-pictured with fellow artists-and wearing a helmet made by a metal sculptor. Liz is now a graphic designer in Chicago.

my own Zurbarán
~ lucky me!

Saint Apollonia



  1. A fine read today... Proust also had his "Captive" and his "Fugitive"... though not quite a doppelganger Mr. Proust leaves his near twin character Swan and continues the journey in his own person to Venice where the painting of Maxime Dethomas gets the narrators nod as an acceptable offset to beauty and splendor offered by other artists of the time.

    I love the photo of your niece.

  2. dear one- love today's post. M



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