16 April 2009

objects of desire-Urban Electric

if Cole Porter were a light...

this is Urban Electric's Morris Ribbon Chandelier

I see it in perhaps an unusual setting-with a sleek kitchen just beyond-The Breakfast Room: formal table from the 30's with lots of inlay work, slightly French chairs-covered in glossy white leather- bathed gray walls, lots of sunshine and a busy family at table.

UE is a unique lighting design firm in today's hurry up world. Bench made and bespoke are their specialty-Morris Ribbon is not on the shelf ready to ship- but well worth a little wait.

Morris is designed for interior use, but many of UE's lights are for dry or wet applications. This is one of the things I love about the company- Looking at the collection, I think- indoor, No, that would look great outside too, or vice versa. In today's outdoor living rooms this is ideal and of course I have always loved lanterns inside and choose them for rooms often.

1 comment:

  1. My wedding song..... love that chic light.
    thanks for making my day and night more lovely!



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