04 April 2009

a bit gritty~ Part Deux

" I believe I will dip my pink and white body in yon Roman tub. I feel a bit gritty after the affairs of the day." W.C. Fields

a scene from one of my favorite movies BARRY LYNDON- a feast for the eyes. (here Ryan O'Neal and Marisa Berenson)


  1. E. it is great- I am going to do a blog on it within the next week. thanks for stopping and check back for ,"moving pictures" Barry Lyndon. GT

  2. Oh, oh, I LOVE Barry Lyndon! Have you watched Vatel? Not really related, except for period-piece loveliness.

  3. This is the best blog that I have found yet! Elegant but cheeky, fantasy ground in history. I love it!
    -The Keeper of the Little Red Diary



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