20 June 2009

a father's day prayer

my father as a young man propping up a shovel

" laborare est orare"
Saint Benedict

my mother and I talked today about my Daddie.

He died in December of 2004.

We miss him every day.

though I had lost grandparents, a boyfriend and a best friend to Death- None touched all the vulnerabilities I walk with until His Loss. I find his presence forever with me; In my own actions, my choices, and still my vulnerabilities. I am my father's daughter.

in moments of frustration- I find myself wandering to the green carpet of nature to strengthen my connection with Daddie.

many days after he had surveyed land from morning to eve- he would drive in and go from field ,truck , maps- his long day's work right to the yard- often just to pull the weeds that had crossed the line into the green carpet he nurtured, a carpet worked to serve as a moat of sorts for the house he built.

His family was his all.

His work was his prayer.

my Mother says "Your father played hard until we married, " a real athlete, like a kid- shooting marbles the afternoon of his wedding and then he took his vow to work for his family: Giving All.

"labrare est orare"
to work is to pray

Daddie and Liz in the scuppernong


  1. always happy to see these. wish I had a garden right now.

  2. I, too, am a daddy's girl. I didn't realize how few women really say that, believe that. When my mother was ill, I was at her bedside. Friends came by to visit with her and inevitably they would talk about my dad who had died several years before. One said, "That Bill was a one of a kind. An original." My mother said, "No he wasn't. She'd just like him." Really, the most lovely thing my mother ever told me. Happy memories.

  3. Funnily enough, I almost used a photo of my dad in the garden in the '50's!

  4. So sweet. Dad's are the best.

  5. Beautiful - no matter the distance or time, we don't walk alone. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Here I am in October,not sure how i got to this post!

    something led me here! I spell Daddie just like you do; and I lost my Daddie when I was 4! He has been with me ever since.

    Not the same; of course. I know what you mean.
    Perfectly lovely and touching post.





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