08 June 2009

objects of desire-McGuire by Thomas Pheasant

THOMAS PHEASANT* makes some beautiful furniture for Baker- It is his McGuire CHAISE that I love right now. Reminiscent of early wicker styles , the chaise somehow has a very modern look- The very reason why it is likely to become a McGuire Classic. I love the double X-stretcher design- No one but McGuire would make such a design detail- No one would design it but Thomas Pheasant.

It's MOST appealing in the Pearl resin finish with Seashell White frame.

The Chaise comes "BUILT for TWO"- a Double Chaise (click to see)
The single Chaise measures 80 inches wide x 30 inches deep, and 16 inches high.

Benches from the Collection

*there is a terrific interview with Thomas Pheasant on the website
ALL images from the Kohler- McGuire site (click)

1 comment:

  1. I would have spotted the double X stretcher too.
    I like the conversation piece, almost convertible but not quite dammit, into a double pillow talker if the chat got really good.

    *love* your new profile and the sound of your twitter. The Old habit, I know that one. Like
    thinking just the very act of buying cleaning materials will make your house spic and span.



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