12 June 2009

Once and again~ FLEUR + ULLA

MORE FLEUR shared by fellow blogger ULLA. Ulla left a Daily Mail link about FLEUR in comments about my yesterday's post- a homage to FLEUR COWLES.

ULLA has a fashionable blog MODEL'S OWN that I follow. A model- Ulla features gorgeous photographs of fashion first hand, along with her musings about fashion-past, present-future and the fashionable world of design and art. Her blog came to my attention- when An Aesthete's Lament -my absolute FAVORITE blog around, (and I know I won't be stepping on any toes-as I suspect there are many bloggers out & about that would say the same thing) wrote about designer extraordinaire Nicky Haslam. I fantasize about having NH decorate for me- IF only I could -I would. But more about NH another day, another post.

When the Aesthete wrote about HASLAM- Ulla commented that she was an intern for the fabulous Nicky Haslam when she lived in London. She said "He was a delight to work for and I learned so much, he really is one of the best and always in a great mood. Thank you Nicky!" - I immediately thought- this is a girl I can learn from and have enjoyed her blog ever since!

here is the link ULLA sent me "the working-class girl who became the last great society hostess" by Geoffrey Levy in MAIL Online (the Daily Mail). The story is NEW chock full of FLEUR COWLES.

the gorgeous ULLA
photograph from her blog MODEL'S OWN

the fabulous FLEUR
from the Levy article

(click on all the
BOLD words above to go to the mentioned links)

Daily Mail> FLEUR> ULLA>Little Augury> ULLA> Nicky Haslam> An Aesthete's Lament
What goes around comes around in a most delightful way!


  1. You're always on to good things. I love a nice whiff of glamor on a Friday evening !

    you are great,
    you made my day.
    Let's get together when you come to NYC, yes?

  3. Le Style- wasn't Fleur grand, I've just grabbed up a few books she wrote. from the not so glamorous .G

  4. ulla- your blog is terrific! I would love to make a day for someone everyday- glad today was yours.G

  5. Dear, What an interesting way to be introduced, it looks like a delightful gathering. I would like to see more of Fleur's art work. BA

  6. I clicked.....it did not work. That is truly disappointing. I knew (by sheer luck) Fleur.....and wanted to comment.......but could not click on any of the links!

    Oh well. the internet is still a miracle! Fleur was an astonishing person! And an astonishing artist!!

  7. Penelope- all the links in bold seemed to be working -you may have clicked the bold below instead of Above-do try again, and thanks as ever for reading. pgt



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