01 June 2009

PatchWork III- Cabinet of Curiosities

the Cabinet of Curiosities, late seventeenth century-Anonymous

Vogue Cover May 1946, Irving Penn

Untitled (Medici Boy), Joseph Cornell (1942-1952)

Kitchen of Ann Shore,stylist, Spitalfields, East London, 2000
photographed by Melanie Acevedo

Living Room of Gilles Dufour, Paris, 2001
photographed by James Waddell


  1. A terrific post - love the concept.

  2. Dearest, I like this posting, a beautiful look at our patchwork world. A beautiful palette too, all golden and summerlike. BACT

  3. Look at that kitchen!!! Little A., I had the opportunity to hold some Joseph Cornell boxes in my hands once. I will never forget that day.

  4. JEZE- its amazing- and more so that some of those amazing detailed boxes passed your way- lucky! thanks for the read. G

  5. thanks Mrs Blandings! honored. G.

  6. Great images that relate so well, I really like the last room, the artwork and nonchalance of it all is perfect.

  7. This is such a creative post. When I went through the paces to become a docent, I had to present a Joseph Cornell, so it's fun for me to see all the diversity you have here. (And I have to admit, this post and the previous one remind me for some reason of Schuyler Samperton's bathroom, which I love!)

  8. SC- thanks, I checked out your post on SS- the bathroom is Patch Work- and I love it. I am coming to the blog world late(ish).I love it though.I hadn't kept up with the new up and coming designers til I got domino-(after HG left us) of course,just when I warmed up to domino
    (another paper death)G.



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