09 July 2009

AAL reprise...you're the top

As for my Summer Reading List- it will continue NEXT Week with two more LISTS-

le style et la matiere (here) and Porter Hovey (here).

I also have two of my friends weigh in on what they are reading, along with more Summer Reading posts- from Beverly Nichols editor- authority Roy Dicks (here) about the reissue of Beverly Nichols' otherworldly garden books and the natty author BN himself.

BUT after over 150 posts- 183 to be exact-I don't like celebrations about what I do- I'm a behind the scenes girl- But again am reminded of why I started my blog- If you didn't read my first post, it was the loss of a dearly dearly loved friend- who this blog links me to EVERYDAY, and for that I am beyond over the moon about and also the words of a beyond-worldly wise blogger.

so to sum it up- A God Send of my Favorites in one 2 minute video- Cole Porter, Diana Rigg, Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot, glamour, and a little German (or maybe I should say a little Belgian)



    Wow...what a clip. Thank you. A treat.

    Everyone was there acting away, dressed to the nines...And isn't that Roddy MacDowell lurching and grinning up a storm on the sofa.
    Yikes, poor Maggie Smith with an Afro. Big mistake.

    Loved your introduction, your raison d'etre, and your warm tribute to your dear friend.
    Keep your blogs rolling!

  2. So funny. What movie is that from? Never seen her so young.

  3. Isn't that clip divine? I loveluv luv Dame Diana- in any form especially Emma Peele, and saw her treading the boards in London once. The clip is from Evil Under the Sun.

    DDS-imagine Maggie Smith being upstaged? I am on that movie again soon-Agatha Christie I love a mystery.

  4. I've only seen her later work. New netflix searches, August movie list.



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