20 July 2009

Barry Lyndon (once & again) A Rake's Progress

Over a period of 11 years William Hogarth, 18th century English artist, created a series of 8 paintings called A Rake's Progress. In 1735, Hogarth engraved and published the works in print.

Thackeray and Kubrick's Rake (Redmond Barry) v. William Hogarth's Rake (Tom Rakewell)

The Orgy from A Rake's Progress by Hogarth

and Kubrick's Barry Lyndon

Hogarth in print


  1. First of all...I love Sir John Soane's Museum! And second...if we ever me in person, remind me to tell you my Hogarth story re: "Mariage a la Mode" !!!

  2. Ah well now... I Have been to Sir John's house!

  3. They guy passed out in the chair seems..familiar, somehow.

  4. Thanks, LA, for continuing the discussion!

  5. I haven't seen Barry Lyndon yet but plan to rectify that as soon as possible. The images of the movie you posted are so beautiful I can not wait to see them on a larger screen. I can't get over how lovely the scenery is, how detailed the costumes are...it's all so perfect!

    Thank you!

  6. Janet and Pamela, The Soane house is a vision to behold. It fascinates- As you can guess-these Hogarth's escaped me, easy to do in that place. Time for a visit. What about a planned tour Janet?

  7. Amy- well worth the time. I hope you enjoy it. g.



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