10 July 2009

EMMA a PEEL, jill & meg

Diana Rigg is EMMA PEEL

U will not believe this site


if U like this u will love EMMA

alexis mabille fall 2009 couture (style.com)

jean paul gaultier fall 2009 couture- style.com


  1. Emma Peel-one of my "I wanna bees" growing up.

  2. love Mrs Peel/Diana Rigg too! and thanks so much for your tie on mention- eva green is right on!

  3. Oh my lord that dress is phenomenal! Diana Rigg is so insanely gorgeous....

  4. Laura- that is an incredible dress- I can so see Emma in it. All the creations of that designer are wonderful and DR is my idea of the modern woman (at least she is mine) her character was way ahead of her time. g

  5. My interest in design & decoration goes back to 5th grade, but my particular interest in English country houses came from watching Emma Peel zooming around between Regency cottages & Tudor estates in her Lotus Elan back in the summer of 1966, when The Avengers was a summer replacement series for, well, I don't know for what. That's because I never watched TV before The Avengers. Anyway, the show also hooked me on fast--and obscure--foreign sports cars.

    The origins of my fascination with the historic period decorating styles I can date even more exactly: an episode of the show that featured an Elizabethan house dressed to depict three separate periods of English decor. In one of those periods, the show's theme was played on a harpsichord--an instrument I'd never heard before--and, in time, that six-second snippet led to my love of baroque music & early instruments.

    A year or so after that, Diana Rigg played Helena in a TV production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" which show--because of her--was my introduction to Shakespeare, and in 1970, when Peter Brook came to the US with a RSC version of the play that featured a brilliantly lit all-white set that left audiences snowblind as they stumbled out of theaters, I convinced my parents to drive me to Chicago to see it when it played Auditorium Theatre.

    I didn't know then that the Auditorium was already a world-famous landmark, only that it was gorgeous, unlike anything I'd ever seen before, and I instantly fell in love with the place. A few months later, I did my term paper on the Auditorium's 1967 restoration.

    Twenty years after that, back in school in Chicago to (finally) study Interior Design, and looking for easy work to make ends meet while I worked on my degree, I was offered a part-time job addressing envelopes in the building next door to my school, which just happened to be the Auditorium.

    Twenty years after that, I'm the Auditorium's historian, and last fall, a shelter magazine had a ten-page article on my apartment, where, mixed in among 19th Century engravings of English country houses, plaster casts of the Auditorium's ornament & bronze souvenirs of somebody's else's Grand Tour, is an autographed photo of Diana Rigg. Everything is connected to everything else, but it all started with Emma Peel.

  6. Magnaverde- it IS all connected and what a fascinating story. I actually had clothes for my birthdays picked out for their Emma Peel Style. I remember one in particular- wool skirt with belt and poorboy to match- beige boots AHHH! (and when have I thought of "poorboy"). I still love that raspberry color- it reappears lots in my own rooms. Funny You should stop here today- I am off to Chicago to visit with my niece for several days tomorrow! If you are checking back here- please tell me what theatre auditorium- I would Love to see it and definitely send me a link to the article- or else I will be googling(all night). It is so educational to see the locations,scenery of any movie- and now that you have mentioned it- Oh yes, Emma Peel got around.I have many many of the series dvds- and they are on YouTube too. I was able to see Dame Diana in Phedre at the Albany Theatre in London-she could have done laundry and I would have been mesmerized. Gaye

  7. Michele from BostonDecember 7, 2010 at 11:46 AM

    SO funny you should do this posting! You cannot imagine how disappointed I am that I didn't turn out like my idol dear Mrs. Peel. All I wanted growing up was the super chic apartment, being able to fill a skin-tight cat suit as well, to be a crack shot, that jaunty little sports car and last, but not least, being able to toss a man I didn't like over my left shoulder without mussing my "flip". Oh, those were the days...I think the only things I was able to talk my mother into were the go-go boots (white) and a birthday try at the salon for the hairdo (not readily achievable with wavy hair). Thanks!

  8. Michele, she was my ideal too. I was prompted by two young women that had NEVER heard of her-I thought that impossible-in order to grow as a designer, style prognosticator etc- they needed to know. thanks for commenting. pgt

  9. Hi, Is this the club for wanna-be-Emma?
    When I was a runty little kid I begged my Mom to sew me an all one piece tight suit. I though I'd be magically transformed if I only had the clothes. She would not.
    My cousin ordered himself a bowler hat and umbrella. I remember an elaborate game of Avengers that spanned all Sunday afternoon in his grandparents' cow pasture, the old family cemetery and a tobacco harvester.
    I. too. trace my interest in all things British, stylish and decorative to that show.
    Netflix gave it all back and it is as great as I remember.
    I plan to get the book that just came out.

  10. Yes, and welcome! It must have been the point for many anglophiles. A book? I am off to check that out. thanks for the tip. pgt

  11. http://boingboing.net/2010/12/06/the-avengers-a-celeb.html

    Here it is.
    Actually, I still want to be Emma Peel.
    Last fall when I kicked down all the old wallboard in my renovation house attic, guess what I was imagining.....



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