24 July 2009

having a dress up moment w/WW

everyone plays this little game
at least when we are little

some play this little game
when we are grown ups

(net a porter)

(images from net a porter)

some people never grow up.


  1. We did a post for WW's birthday featuring her cookbook, "Some Favorite Southern Recipes of the Duchess of Windsor". Since it was her birthday, we posted her "fave", Pork Cake.

  2. Great post. I had one of these and sold it- I need to find another. thanks for visiting. la

  3. Sublime. I think Mouret has improved on the W W Molyneux wedding dress.

  4. Rose-what a beautiful dress right? & I thought so much like the Duchess - she would have been in them like that. Let us all get down on our knees tonight and pray to the silver screen Goddesses that Madonna does not Ever try to play WWW. G.

  5. I do like the Duchess, she did have great taste,restrained and somehow completely flamboyant.KC

  6. Anon-so right! she appears to have been able to hush a crowd for many reasons. G

  7. too right. Madonna get your sinewy hands off Wallis.



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